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Through the 20th hundred years, many different sights arose about the unification of a previously divided Europe. Views varied with respect to the individuals country and history, but largely because unification could increase conditions in certain countries, while jeopardizing situations in others. Those in favor of a specific Europe generally had something to gain by it, while those who were against it had something to shed. Many countries were tired after WW1 and WW2, and considering finding a feasible source of serenity.

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Because Konrad Adenaver states “Nations cannot still live solely according with their own wishes and amour. “(Doc 6). The ideas of new imperialism and nationalism were being replace by ideas of peace and unification. In this hope for newly discovered peace, countries such as France, Germany, and many more countries became involved in the Euro Economic Community(EEC). Sir Winston Churchill wanted to be more such as the U. H, and to type a council of The european union. (Doc1) Being the former Perfect minister The uk, he might wish this due to Britain connections and esteem for the U.


Not really everyone shared this esteem for the U. S, as proven in a Soviet Newspaper, a cartoon of the greedy American destroying Sovereignty of West European Countries. (Doc 4) The country seemed to have some reluctance in the idea of a specific Europe. The top minister of Spain, Felipe Gonzalez, claims “NATO membership rights and getting started with the Western european Community mean the end with the traditional seclusion of span.  (Doc 11) Because the U. T was the creator of CONNATURAL, Spain may have some hatred towards America for being left out of CONSUSTANCIAL, while Russians may have hostility remaining from the frosty war.

Portugal seemed to be somewhat irritated with all the fact that Britain “first declined to participate and even took a inhospitable attitude, as if the EEC were a economic and political threat. “(Doc 8) These phrases, spoken by President of France Charles de Gaulle, summed up the attitude of many French. He also claimed Britain experienced too many jewelry to America to be completely committed to a Europe Union. Harold Macmillan, the United kingdom finance minister claimed that joining the EEC might “collapse our system of favoring rade with all the British common wealth. “(Doc 7) The united kingdom did wish unity it needed to carry out what would be best for the region individually, since summed in the words of Margaret Thatcher, British Perfect Minister, “We want to see The european union more united and with a greater sense of common purpose, however it must be in many ways which maintains the different traditions, etc . “(Doc12) Britain was still being a big highly effective country, and did not always benefit from the oneness as much as smaller countries could.

Italy Prime Minister Jack port Lynch declares his dedication to EEC, saying “We would the natural way be interested in the defense of the territories embrace by that community(Doc 10) Although there were many different main reasons why countries would want a combined Europe, this did end up happening. Although there was still several suspicion because Duncan Sandys stated (speaking of Charles de Gaulle) “Were extremely suspicious of the policy of yankee and English governments, (Doc 2) a ecu Union was created. The United States performed, and still truly does, have a very good influence more than Europe, nevertheless Europe’s unification makes it more powerful force as well.

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