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Cost management is a strategy used by businesses to create a affordable of operation within their market. The use of this tactic is mainly to gain an edge over competitors by reducing operation costs below regarding others inside the same market. Mass modification is a marketing and manufacturing strategy that combines the flexibility and personalization of custom-made products with the low unit expenses associated with mass production.

Generally the more powerful companies with innovative products are the ones providing a massive amount variety and customisation, the reason is , all buyer needs are met and so the product could be available to more consumers. With Dell in the innovative LAPTOP OR COMPUTER market focussing on cost leadership and for that reason reducing their very own customisation selection, they may suffer some demand loss since more of customers’ needs are certainly not met plus some customers may well have acquired a choice which is not available anymore. Also, as much competitors possess reduced their product/customisation range also, a few customers may well feel that Dell has a USP and that all their PC’s will be the only types left giving a real variety of choices for customisation, which could even further damage you’re able to send future demand. Therefore , focussing on price leadership this could leave Dell in a poor situation of falling demand, however Dell’s data provides showed that just a small percentage of combinations are wanted by customers, so by lowering the variety will only impact the demand incredibly slightly. Because of this perhaps the along with demand might almost be unnoticeable therefore Dell will be right to focus on cost leadership.

Typically would like to reduce the risks of your constant development flow, in doing so they might make the supply chain less complicated, so that there is also a minimised risk of production interruptions. For Dell in a PERSONAL COMPUTER market there is very rarely a single company that produces most computer parts and so they need to source parts from other places, by not focussing in cost command Dell a new large issue with customisation as they had to supply many more different parts from many different places to be able to meet the consumer’s customisation. This would have made it hard to manage each of the different suppliers and as there is so many different parts to the chain, there was more room for errors, this could have already been a delay or creation disruption, no matter what stopping production would intensely increase total and device costs for production. By simply focussing on cost command and minimizing customisation they would have been in a position to reduce this kind of risk by cutting parts of the chain out so reducing unit costs and thus it was right to focus on this kind of. Despite this however the number of dissatisfied customers and the risk of the provision chain problems has almost certainly remained as the company would like to resource materials internationally in order to get a lower price. This kind of therefore may have in fact increased all their risk of development disruption because global transport methods happen to be susceptible to climate. Therefore , directing on cost leadership could actually have improved their likelihood of production holds off and disappointed customers which is something that you really need to minimise within a highly competitive market such as the PC one, so they might be wrong to focus on this.

Lastly additional would want to gain economies of scale (increasing output creates falling product costs) or perhaps become more successfully efficient in some manner as it will help to become easier as a company in general. To get Dell a fall in product costs is extremely needed while this allows the business to reduce their prices and so produce more demand for their products. This is exactly why I would admit focussing upon cost management and reducing their merchandise customisation range, they could produce more for a less expensive cost and therefore bring down their unit costs in order to achieve lower priced goods. This would be extremely beneficial to the corporation as they could then gain a competitive advantage which is essential to achievement in a remarkably competitive marketplace such as the PERSONAL COMPUTER one, i really would state focussing on this is a good factor. Also, they would have reduced overall costs and therefore a larger profit, which is something they may be finding hard to achieve just like Apple really does with ease. Therefore , this will both equally push up their particular dwindling profits and take them back to a secure level or then simply reduce their very own prices to generate their value leadership strategy successful again and allow those to gain require making this the best thing to do. Yet , if this turns into diseconomies of size when not handled properly their unit price could actually increase and this is in which focussing on cost leadership may actually always be the wrong factor to focus on.

In conclusion Dell’s decision to focus on cost management, will create a lower unit cost of each product by offering fewer of a range and so having the capacity to mass generate and gain economies of scale, that will enable Dell to lower their prices and gain a competitive advantage which is extremely within such a highly competitive market such as the PC one. This would then give Dell a larger market share and enable them to achieve a higher revenue revenue and eventually profit which they appeared to have trouble with previously. Regardless of this there are potential costs to the strategy, for just one there would be an opportunity of diseconomies of size occurring if they happen to be unable to deal with their operations properly, and the chance of this is especially high with their sourcing going globally, making their source chain even more complicated potentially than it truly is already. For this reason, I would declare Dell are in reality wrong to pay attention to cost command as I think that the risks connected in doing and so would be costlier if these people were to happen compared to the extra revenue revenue or profit brought in.

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