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This article is based upon the art of strike prevention and it aims at illustrating how security harm scenarios may be used to check the performance of a system in stopping a system harm. Through the use of a method known as eSAP, the writers have made a written report on how situations of possible attacks had been selected and tested giving recommendations based upon their outcomes. The article also comes in handy especially at a time in which the issue upon information system security is very vital pertaining to companies to keep. This newspaper analyzes the content by Haralambos, Paolo and Gordon’s document as to decide its appropriateness, usefulness and validity in the study. Through the entire study, examples and side by side comparisons will be used to gauge the work.

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Further more justifications will probably be given for a lot of arguments supply. Evaluation The writer begins of the conventional paper quite well simply by explaining the particular paper will take care of in the intro. This gives you an overview of what to expect as they or the lady already comes with an idea of what the article is approximately (Memering’, 2008). The manner when the introduction is completed is also enticing such that someone is encouraged to read on.

Additional, the creators introduce the content by discussing another document from which the latest one comes from. This actually encourages you to prefer to read the earlier article. Continually cannot access it however , this is a disadvantage to them. Accordingly, it would have already been wise intended for the authors to start with a brief history of the previously completed job so that the audience does can easily effectively figure out where that they started.

Failure to do this is definitely therefore a flaw in the paper and may impact on the desire of the target audience to look at the paper. The authors employ a real life case in the content to explain how a use of scenarios can be used to analyze the information devices design. eSAP (electronic Sole Assessment Process) is examined to employing possible security attacks to ascertain whether its three main security features which include integrity, availability and privacy can be achieved in case there is an assault (Haralambos, Paolo and Gordon, 2007). Problems such as interruption, interception and modification had been used to examine eSAP.

The use of an example not only makes the document more interesting to see but also enhances the understandability or the audience so that they might grasp just what the authors intend to declare (Memering’, 2008). Besides this kind of, the experts make use of a diagram for illustration. According to Memering, 2007), this is certainly an effective way of creating the readers to get the idea that the author is trying to across easily. For example , each time a procedure is described at stated intervals, the reader can actually follow these steps to and understand the described process a lot better than when only the text was available. The content by Haralambos, Paolo and Gordon is fairly useful in attack prevention.

In the current times, many organisations have been confronted with threats of system disorders hence the need to avoid them. A good example is a new attack about Kaspersky, a major anti-virus vendor which took place on the customer support site in February 2009 (O’Donnell, 2009). Since this paper addresses the possible ways that systems meant to handle this kind of cases may be tested, it can be of significant importance. This paper could form a handy background for information system experts to gauge the ability of various systems to effectively addresses the desired secureness concerns. One more why this article is very useful is the fact for every element tested, there is also a recommendation provided to reduce the likelihood of the incident of that actions in real world.

For example , following testing the validity of passwords plus the ability in the system to hold off thieves, the creators suggest the use of one-time accounts. Such sort of advice could be used by experts to further improve system protection and therefore protect this from attack. This research is quite relevant in the analyze of information program security because it is quite exceptional in its individual way.

Although other research concentrate on displaying the most likely situations which might be may encounter the security program, this paper suggests methods of testing these people as well. Liu and Yu (2007) are some of the creators who arrived closest to doing this kind of research by analyzing the possible motives of attackers which are likewise contained in this kind of paper. They will however remaining the research in which and did not proceed to evaluation the situations.

According to Liu and Yu (2007), once the attackers’ intentions will be identified, the countermeasures to avoid attack can then be identified. They will however neglect to show the conditions that would be used to prevent disorders. Through the use of the eSAP scenario, Haralambos, Paolo and Gordon bring out the concept so well and give suggestions on how to handle attacks. It is a good way of testing the effectiveness of a system in handling several security disorders which the management can utilize to establish which in turn system to include in attack elimination.

This is in accordance with what Liu and Yu (2009) suggest. According to them, a system can only end up being useful whether it performs the position it is suitable for. As an example, there is no way a process can allow every employee within a department to possess a password and expect that the to be a protected way of guarding their program from attackers. This is a highly researched content and it will be right to say that it is valid both in conditions of details and movement made by the authors.

Prior to authors may perform the test, a set of situations are chosen which are then put through a scenario acceptance procedure. This is certainly done applying software inspections so that the info validity is definitely assured. The authors also make use of several sources to as back-up for the study which makes the knowledge contained valid to a large extent. Conclusion A paper that succeeds in putting through the desired meaning is said to be appropriate.

If it is of benefit, then it pays to to the commanders. Should the newspaper give details that can be confirmed then we could afford to state that it is valid. The article simply by Haralambos, Paolo and Gordon leaves someone with a wide range of knowledge to seize. It is very well researched applying various literature and the results can be said to get valid as they made use of an actual situation to evaluate the system.

The authors make the article simpler to understand by using examples and a diagram. The tips given in the paper can also prove useful to future managers and system technicians in designing tricks of attack prevention. References Liu, L., Yu, E., Mylopoulos, J., (2007). Analyzing Security Requirements as Relationships Among Strategic Stars, Proceedings from the 2nd Symposium on Requirements Engineering for Information Security (SREIS’02), Raleigh-North Carolina.

Memering, D. (2008). The writer’s work: guide to effective composition. Ny: Prentice-Hall. Mouratidis, H., Giorgini, P. & Manson, G. (2007). Employing Security Strike Scenarios to Analyse Security During Info Systems Design.

Retrieved in July 20, 2009 from http://homepages. uel. ac. uk/H. Mouratidis/Paper91_CR. pdf format O’Donnell, A. (2009). Kaspersky suffers attack on support site, zero apparent info breach. Retrieved on Come july 1st 20, 2009 from http://blogs. zdnet. com/security/? p=2511

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