Exam day and harrison bergeron essay

The short stories “Examination Day” simply by Henry Seslar and “Harrison Bergeron” simply by Kurt Vonnegut, both look at the idea of a global where government authorities have total control over their citizens. The main characters in the stories are Dickie Jordan and Harrison Bergeron. In “Examination Day” discrimination against intelligence is usually portrayed through Dickie that is eliminated mainly because his “intelligence quotient [was] above the Federal government regulation. ” This quote depicts the governments power in its culture and how the government eradicated the people who wondered them through an intelligence test.

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The irony on this examination is that success was seen as negative. Whereas, “Harrison Bergeron” is exploring the theme of forced equality in American society in the not so distant future. Right in the launch, the three main issues worried throughout the story are given, ” Nobody was smarter than anybody more. Nobody was better seeking than any individual else. No person was better or quicker than any individual else. This all equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Metabolism.

Hence, absolute equality in cleverness, physical magnificence, and athleticism have been ratified into regulation by the 211th, 212th, and 213th Changes to the Metabolism, respectively. Both stories discuss a issue in regards to person versus culture and both protagonists expire at the end. In “Examination Day” Dickie is usually on his own when it comes to the test given by the government. Before the test when Dickie asks his dad what the test is for, his father tells him”the Govt wants to know how smart [Dickie] is. ” Later on, the storyplot ends with an automated communication from the federal government with the cause of his death and recommended funeral preparations. In “Harrison Bergeron” Harrison knew a lot better than to follow govt regulations and tried to make a difference. In the end, he was killed while “Diana Celestial satellite Glampers, the Handicapper Standard, came into the studio with a double-barreled gauged shotgun.

She fired twice, and the Chief and the Empress were deceased before they will hit the floor. ” This kind of quote reveals the government’s control over what is accepted and what happens to individuals who exceed federal government regulation. Harrison wanted a finish to the absolute equality thus he was standing up for the citizens of the country who also did not understand how ludicrous their culture was getting; in the end, he died aiming to make a difference. In “Examination Day” the setting invokes sympathetic feelings toward Dickie. Dickie, a week after his twelfth birthday, was sent via his “little apartment” towards the “great pillared lobby” inside the “polished” government building. This kind of contrast of settings invokes sympathy to get Dickie as they is limited to living in a tiny home whilst all the cash is used by the government to build up large, contemporary government buildings. Also, Dickie is definitely taken to a location that is foreign to him, with significant intimidating architectural masses helping to make him seem insignificant and isolated.

The storyline compares the “dim” and “cold” room within the govt building towards the “warm”, “bright” house that Dickie lives in. The chilly, clinical explanation of the federal government building is usually symbolic of distinction staying taken away from humanity. It demonstrates the idea that Dickie has been taken from the safety of his residence and in to the control of a daunting, overpowering federal government. Contrary to Harrison in “Harrison Bergeron” that is a fourteen year old youngster that positions such a dreadful threat that he has been shackled with an increase of handicaps than anyone else. Huge earphones instead of the small ear radio his dad features. Large glasses to hidden his vision and give him headaches.

A lot of weights that he “looked like a jogging junkyard. ” On top of it all, he is therefore handsome that they can gave him a clown nose, shaved off his eyebrows, and blacked out his teeth. Also, Harrison is indeed frightening that he is busted “on suspicion of conspiring to overthrow the government. ” The government’s news bulletins describes him as “a genius and an sportsman, […] under-handicapped, and should be regarded as really dangerous. ” In conclusion, the two “Examination Day” and “Harrison Bergeron” analyze the idea of a new where the government has total control over the government and people living inside the government.

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