Examining the Friends and family Goals Strengths and Needs Example

Personality Disorders, Drug Abuse, Égo?ste Personality Disorder, Mental Health

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Excerpt via Case Study:

Statement of purpose/intent

This kind of piece can be dedicated to reviewing the different difficulties Jimmy fantastic family are going through. The aim is to recognize the along with mental disorders present in each of the members and a suggestion in the appropriate treatment methods. As a Circumstance manager the aim would be to suggest the best procedure aimed at achieving this target. The greatest challenge is to discover what is ailing each member of the family and to vogue a pathway towards aiding each member plus the family overall endure all their situation. This research advises ways of handling the different situations with the hope that an expected final result is achieved.

* Assess the goals, strengths and needs on this family

Family members Goals: The priority at this time is to get a few professional help, 1st for Jimmy and then for Linda, his biological mom. There is enough evidence towards the effect that Jimmy is usually suffering from the consequences of an unstable parenting. Hermosa has become a great absent mother dealing with even larger problems. Jimmy is battling a history of poor child-rearing that has made him a very unstable youngster. He requires a lot of psychiatric attention and counseling to get him back to normalcy.

According to Sammi, Jimmy needs to spend more time with the mother. She most likely thinks this will resolve the problem. Warren on the other hand understands that more visiting time between Jimmy and his mom Linda probably will not fix anything. This is because Linda can be struggling with a bigger problem i. e. substance abuse, unstable and abusive relationships and insufficient a stable profits due to unemployment. It would be tough for Jimmy to obtain any great influence by his natural mother.

Strong points: Jimmy generally seems to enjoy camaraderie with Teknik, his half-sister. It is also an excellent that Jimmy does not live with his biological mother. It also appears that Jimmy is more accepting of Warren and Sammi as his parents than he is happy to accept Bela as a mom. This has uncovered Jimmy to many positive affect. Warren and Sammi also have a stable matrimony unlike the previous marriage where a lot of football was included. It would appear that Jimmys parents really want to find help for Jimmy. This is a good factor as well.

Requires of the Friends and family: Warren and Sammi manage to differ a whole lot on Jimmys behavior plus the kind of assistance he will get. This is in spite of the fact the fact that relationship together is referred to as very good. They spend adequate time together being a family and include commonality of interests. In respect to Sammi, Jimmy should certainly spend more time with Hermosa, his neurological mother. Sammi is really pushing for this romantic relationship although the time may not really be right for these reasons; Jimmy may get more disappointed with poor parenting since Linda continues to be struggling with an unhealthy and damaging relationship. The girl with unemployed and it is still struggling with cocaine and alcohol use. Linda also admits that she is very poor as a mom.

This friends and family needs a wide range of therapy and counseling. Linda must acquire rehabilitation and relationship counselling to help manage her liquor and cocaine addiction and assist her become steady in controlling herself and her relationships. She also needs a lot of parenting lessons just before she may be allowed to always be anywhere close to Jimmy. Warren and Sammi have shown better parenting and stability within their marriage. This is how Jimmy should be. The parents need to know more counseling about handling Jimmy with a target of helping him overcome a history of poor parenting. After Bela has successfully dealt with her addiction and relationship concerns she could be allowed a little while with Jimmy in order to create a healthy mother-son relationship.

2. Identify possible mental health disorders evident in this friends and family


Jimmy may be working with these mental health problems:

Égo?ste Personality Disorders (ASPD): Sociopathy or ASPD is a mental health disorder where a person demonstrates poor consideration for what is right or perhaps wrong and consistently ignores the feelings and rights more (Rotgers Maniacci, 2006). People suffering ASPD will often antagonize others trying to manipulate them. They do not have got remorse or guilt for his or her behavior. Typically such people will slander authority. That they could rest, be energetic or engage in violent habit (National Participating Centre for Mental Well being., 2010).

A few of the indicators that someone could be suffering ASPD include: Disregard for proper and incorrect, being fresh, cynical and callous, another lying or deceitful tendencies for the purpose of taking advantage of others, world of one, superiority mentality, and being excessively opinionated, using wit to influence other people intended for selfish gain, criminal habit, violation of other lenders rights through dishonesty and intimidation, violence, agitation, irritability, violence and aggression, a shortage of remorse and empathy for others, dangerous tendencies without concern for personal safety, lack of cognizance for the negative implications of caused by their tendencies and an inability to learn from their individual mistakes, constant irresponsibility and a failure to comply with economic or operate obligations (Mayo Clinic, 2018).

Conduct disorders is also present with children suffering ASPD. Symptoms of conduct disorder incorporate serious and obstinate patterns problems including: acute dishonor of rules, theft, deceit, property damage, and out and out aggression to items and people. ASPD is often considered lifelong although victims might stop legal or dangerous behavior over time. It is not noted whether the treatment that comes with age group is due to embrace awareness of the repercussions involved.

Describing Jimmys behavior

Regarding Jimmy it is established that he is affected with mood swings. One moment he is completely happy and engaging as well as the next moment he gets angry, rebellious and at moments violent. Jimmy has been shown to acquire poor cultural skills and an incapability to keep close friends at school. According to his professors, Jimmy provides a problem with staying attentive and settled in the lecture as well. This individual also defies instructions just like refusal to perform homework and occasionally argues with all the teachers. Even when Jimmys father and mother withdrew benefits from him he still will not bring him self to controlling his behavior.

When he first held a session at the local mental overall health center Jimmy showed a lot of dishonor. At a single point he was asked to never touch everything else but the playthings in the room. Rather than playing with the toys he travelled ahead and poured writing instruments from the managers desk towards the floor. He then refused to choose the pens up when asked to. Jimmy likewise struggles with temper. Simple things like disliking his meal will get him angry. His violence often gets beyond control. He punches objects around carelessly hitting objects on to other people, the wall and even himself. His parents will certainly occasionally have to hold him back to shield him from harming him self or other people. The tantrums can stay for hours. He might even car tire himself by his aggression. All these are symptoms and signs of somebody suffering ASPD. These difficulties with Jimmy can be traced to a history of poor parenting.

Anger disorders, violence disorders, taking once life mentality disorders, and ASPD may be the challenges Jimmy is definitely dealing with at the moment.

Linda could possibly be suffering from:

Substance Use Disorders (SUD): This problem involves use of substances that can result to medical distress or impairment. Chemicals of use in this instance entail psychoactive drugs (Douaihy Daley, 2014). Dependence and addiction happen to be characteristic of disorders included in substance abuse. Habit is a tough consequence from the disorder. A number of the behaviors demonstrated by persons suffering SUD include:

Sociable Impairment: This could entail infrequent absence by work, overlook of children, failing to take care of household obligations, functionality issues and so forth Issues of arguments and loss of friendships may also come up (Douaihy Daley, 2014). A great addict can also lose interest in important pastime and cultural activities following abuse.

Damaged control: Prolonged substance use may make it tough to stop as a result of addiction. MEZZOGIORNO cause a drug consumer to spend more time in recovery and wanting for more. The extreme urge to get additional makes it hard to even concentrate on additional important facets of life (Douaihy Daley, 2014).

Obsessive make use of: Addiction is definitely demonstrated when someone seems the urge to use drugs even if

Persona Disorders, Substance abuse, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Mental Health

Research from Case Study:

Affirmation of purpose/intent

This piece is dedicated to examining the different challenges Jimmy and his family are going through. The objective should be to identify the family and mental disorders within each of the associates and an indicator at the ideal treatment methods. As being a Case administrator the objective will be to recommend the very best process aimed at achieving this goal. The very best challenge is usually to identify precisely what is ailing each family member and to fashion a pathway to helping every single person and the family members as a whole go through their situation. This exploration recommends methods of handling the several situations with the expectation that an anticipated outcome is achieved.

5. Assess the desired goals, strengths and wishes of this relatives

Family Desired goals: The priority at this moment is to get some professional help, first intended for Jimmy after which for Hermosa, his biological mother. There may be enough evidence to the impact that Jimmy is affected by the consequences of the unstable raising a child. Linda is now an absent mother coping with even bigger problems. Jimmy is struggling with a brief history of poor parenting that has made him a very volatile kid. He needs a lot of psychiatric attention and therapies to acquire him to normalcy.

According to Sammi, Jimmy has to spend more time with the mother. She probably considers that this is going to solve the condition. Warren on the other hand understands that more visiting time passed between Jimmy wonderful mother Hermosa will probably not solve whatever. This is because Hermosa is experiencing a bigger issue i. electronic. drug abuse, unpredictable and abusive relationships and lack of a reliable income due to unemployment. It will be difficult intended for Jimmy to get virtually any positive effect from his biological mom.

Strengths: Jimmy seems to appreciate friendship with Cara, his half-sister. It is also a good thing that Jimmy does not live with his biological mother. It also appears that Jimmy is more accepting of Warren and Sammi while his parents than he can willing to accept Linda like a mother. It has exposed Jimmy to some confident influence. Warren and Sammi also have a steady marriage as opposed to the previous matrimony where a lots of partying was involved. It would appear that Jimmys father and mother really want to discover help to get Jimmy. This is a good thing as well.

Needs with the Family: Warren and Sammi seem to vary a lot upon Jimmys patterns and the sort of assistance this individual should get. This really is notwithstanding the simple fact that the romance between them is described as extremely good. They spend sufficient time together as a as well as have commonality of pursuits. According to Sammi, Jimmy should spend more time with Linda, his biological mom. Sammi is actually pushing for this relationship although the timing might not exactly actually be best for these causes; Jimmy may possibly end up getting more frustrated with poor child-rearing since Linda is still experiencing a poor and abusive romantic relationship. She is out of work and is nonetheless struggling with cocaine and alcoholic beverages use. Linda even confesses that she actually is very poor as being a mother.

This family requires a lot of remedy and therapies. Linda need to get therapy and romance counseling to aid deal with her alcohol and cocaine dependency and aid her turn into stable in handling herself and her relationships. She also needs a lots of parenting lessons before the girl can be permitted to be anywhere near Jimmy. Warren and Sammi show better parenting and balance in their relationship. This is where Jimmy should be. The parents need more therapies on handling Jimmy with an objective of helping him get over a brief history of poor parenting. After Linda provides successfully dealt with her craving and romantic relationship issues the girl can be allowed some time with Jimmy in order to develop a healthier mother-son romantic relationship.

* Determine possible mental health disorders evident with this family


Jimmy could possibly be dealing with these types of mental health issues:

Antisocial Individuality Disorders (ASPD): Sociopathy or perhaps ASPD is actually a mental well being disorder where a person shows poor concern for what is correct or wrong and regularly ignores the feelings and rights of others (Rotgers Maniacci, 2006). People struggling ASPD will most likely antagonize other folks and try to adjust them. They don’t have remorse or remorse for their patterns. Often this kind of people will dishonor authority. They may lie, always be impulsive or engage in violent behavior (National Collaborating Middle for Mental Health., 2010).

Some of the indicators that an individual could be enduring ASPD include: Contempt intended for right and wrong, getting disrespectful, negative and callous, pathological lying or deceitful behavior with regards to exploiting other folks, arrogance, brilliance mindset, and being too much opinionated, employing wit to influence other folks for self-centered gain, legal behavior, violation of additional peoples rights through duplicity and violence, hostility, turmoil, irritability, physical violence and aggression, absence of sorrow and accord for others, risky behavior with no concern for personal safety, lack of cognizance intended for the bad consequences of caused by all their behavior and an incapability to learn using their own errors, consistent irresponsibility and an inability to abide by financial or work commitments (Mayo Clinic, 2018).

Perform disorders is also present with children struggling ASPD. Symptoms of conduct disorder include critical and obstinate behavior challenges including: acute dishonor of rules, theft, deceit, home destruction, and aggression to objects and individuals. ASPD is normally considered long term although victims might end criminal or perhaps destructive tendencies with time. Not necessarily known whether the healing that comes with age is caused by increase in understanding of the effects involved.

Talking about Jimmys habit

In the case of Jimmy it has been set up that he suffers from changes in mood. One moment he could be happy and engaging and the following moment he gets angry, defiant including times violent. Jimmy has been shown to have poor social abilities and a great inability to hold friends in school. According to his teachers, Jimmy has a problem with being receptive and completed in class as well. He as well defies guidance such as refusal to do homework and occasionally states with the teachers. Even when Jimmys parents withdrew privileges from charlie he still doesnt deliver himself to controlling his behavior.

If he first organised a session with the local mental health center Jimmy revealed a lot of dishonor. In one point he was asked not to feel anything else nevertheless the toys within the room. Instead of having fun with the toys he went ahead and put pens from your managers workplace to the floors. He then refused to pick the pens up when asked to. Jimmy also challenges with outburst. Simple items like disliking his dinner will get him angry. His physical violence often gets out of hand. This individual throws objects around thoughtlessly hitting items onto others, the wall and even himself. His parents will at times have to maintain him returning to protect him from damaging himself or perhaps other people. The tantrums can easily stay for hours. He may even tire himself from his aggressive behavior. All of these are symptoms and indications of someone battling ASPD. These types of problems with Jimmy can be tracked to a good poor parenting.

Anger disorders, aggression disorders, suicidal mentality disorders, and ASPD might be the problems Jimmy is dealing with currently.

Hermosa may be suffering from:

Substance Make use of Disorders (SUD): This condition involves use of substances that could lead to clinical stress or impairment. Substances of usage in this case entail psychoactive medicines (Douaihy Daley, 2014). Dependence and craving are characteristic of disorders involved with substance abuse. Addiction is known as a harsh outcome of the disorder. Some of the behaviours demonstrated simply by people struggling SUD contain:

Social Impairment: This may involve occasional shortage from work, neglect of children, failure to take care of household responsibilities, performance problems etc . Issues of quarrels and lack of friendships might also come up (Douaihy Daley, 2014). An abuser can also weary in important recreational and social activities following the abuse.

Impaired control: Extended compound use will make it hard to quit due to dependency. SUD create a drug user to shell out more time in recovery and craving for more. The intense urge to get more helps it be hard to even concentrate on other crucial aspects of existence (Douaihy Daley, 2014).

Obsessive use: Craving is exhibited when somebody feels the to use prescription drugs even when

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