Examining Yourself as a Writer Essay

The art of writing is an exclusive skill that requires the article writer to have great flexibility and stay open to improvement. Some may consider themselves a “perfect writer”, when ever in reality, no one is, and definitely will ever be. Writing is a procedure that requires one to continuously build on skills learned in past situations, applying new methods and ways to future publishing projects. Diverse settings need different writing styles, and with that being said, a single must be willing to change all their writing expertise to suit the needs of their current setting.

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In the following dissertation I will reflect on past publishing assignments, figuring out my ideal and worst writing programs, strengths and weaknesses being a writer, and my opinion upon why writing may or may not be good for me throughout my job. Although I actually consider English/Composition one of my personal strong factors, writing wouldn’t fall into the category of things I like to do. As bad as it noises, I’m the type of person who simply writes the moment it’s required of me personally to do so. As I look again on my producing career I’d have to say my own best publishing course was a course permitted Health Disparities. I required this course my personal junior season at Spelman College and was needed to write quite a few papers.

I might name this program my best in terms of writing since we were capable to choose between several topics to write down our papers on, compared to just one, and each topic dedicated to something I am extremely interested in, which is health. The majority of the papers necessary 5-10 webpages, but mainly because I was interested in the issues 5-10 pages felt like 3-5. The teacher provided detailed feedback in our paperwork, giving us the opportunity to revise the daily news before turning in the final duplicate.

I would say that my worst composing course was Intro to Eastern Religious Traditions. I actually disliked this course because the material itself mixed up me. The writing tasks were extravagant and essential a great deal of crucial thinking and research on the topic that we found to become very sophisticated and puzzling. I am not a big fan of research documents, especially when I possess no involvement in the topic of discussion. Another thing that made it too bad was the reality the professor was very strict and it appeared like nothing was good enough.

It absolutely was from this study course that I learned the importance of being an open writer, in terms of adjusting my own writing style to accept new forms and topics of writing. Almost all writers have strengths and weaknesses in terms of their capacity to formulate a bit of literature. Certainly one of my primary strengths in writing is the ability to formulate phrases that are grammatically correct. I use always been particular about using correct punctuation, spelling words correctly, and making sure my sentences flow. I would contemplate my language to be quite extensive, permitting the use of improved words throughout my composing.

My weak points include difficulties with starting my introduction, revealing my ideas and thoughts in a succinct and coherent manner, and formulating bodily my daily news, as far as filtering out what is and isn’t essential in relation to my thesis declaration. When offered a immediate, so many thoughts start flowing through me that I sometimes get overcome and can’t decide what information I should and shouldn’t use. One thing I’ve under no circumstances been also keen on is usually outlining my personal thoughts prior to starting a piece of producing. I’m a person who feels and creates at the same time, which can not allow me to adequately come up with ideas on the details that should be offered in my publishing.

With that being said, I will work on first, placing my own ideas in writing, then placing those concepts into an outline, and lastly creating my daily news into a soft and succinct piece of writing For me, writing is an elementary aspect of most facets of lifestyle, especially in the majority of, if not all careers. In the event that one is struggling to write, it could be very hard to enable them to carry out your smallest jobs. You don’t have to be an experienced writer, nevertheless basic writing skills really are a must. Within my future job as a Doctor, writing will be very relevant.

Nurses have to full patient chart, provide in depth explanations with the patient’s treatment regimes for many who will be providing care for the patients following them, etc . Communication among nurses and doctors is important and if not documented with precision a patient’s existence could be in danger. A registered nurse without publishing capabilities may not be able to perform their task with the proficiency that they should certainly. As mentioned earlier on, writing is a procedure that welcomes proficiency, however, not perfection.

A single must understand the importance of staying flexible and open to alter when it comes to writing. Practicing good writing skills can be a little hard but , it’s a long term commitment which usually facilitates the ability to develop better writing practices. With great effort, weaknesses can be changed into strengths,  and current strengths can often be improved.

My spouse and i look forward to enhancing my ability to articulate my personal ideas in a clear and intelligent method, as well as training my new skills in and out of doors of this course, as well as in my own future job as a Health professional.

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