Film review gung ho essay

“Gung Ho” is a story of a Japanese people company, Assan Motors, which usually comes to a tiny town, Hadleyville, to reopen a car manufacturing plant. The story shows us that the Japanese and Americans have got very different varieties of operating a firm, based in significant measures in differences in social values. Search Stevenson is the employee liaison working for Kazihiro the exec manager from the factory. Over the movie, Look and Kazihiro clash because of their cultural principles. Hunt, a north american, is an individualist and Kazihiro, a collectivist.

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Individualism is a political philosophy that suggests persons should have liberty over their particular economic and political things to do. Collectivism can be described as system that stresses the primacy of collective goals over specific goals. Towards end, Search and Kazihiro put aside every other’s differences and chose to work together to achieve their desired goals. The first day our factory opened, Kazihiro addresses the American personnel, “We need to build spirit. We must be a team, one particular, with 1 purpose only. Everyone thinking only of the company. He hopes to build this spirit by having them do calisthenics. The People in america thought this is a joke and did not take part. When Look joined in, they will decided to perform them however in their own approach. This was the first portion where individualism and collectivism clashes. One more example is usually when Soito, one of the managers, tries to demonstrate Buster a new way to fresh paint a car. Buster resists and says, “Why can’t we just do what we should know to perform? ” Soito’s response was, “Every guy learns every single job, then we are a team.

Not any man can be special. ” Collectivists is targeted on the accomplishments of the group rather than an individuals. This kind of episode illustrates differences in valuing the one compared to many plus the part versus the whole. Progressing through the film, Hunt and Kazihiro enters a fight which triggered the American workers giving the factory. Kazihiro and Search losing their careers and Assan Motors pulling out in the town. In addition, you see Kazihiro start to accept the American ways of living and chosen to stand up to his boss.

Ito’s, one of Kazihiro’s workers and friend, partner was in labor and could to keep work to go to. Kazihiro requires his boss for authorization for him to leave. Mr. Sakamoto then asks Ito in the event he would want to leave, Ito denies in the interest of the company. Kazihiro in rage replies, “This is Looney Toons”, Saito says, “Why are you discussing American? ” Kazihiro replies, “Because I use American Thought, we work to really hard, this is simply not our lives this can be a manufacturing plant, our friends and families should be our lives. Through this episode you see Kazihiro finally accepting the way the American’s work. Not only did Kazihiro modify but Quest did as well. In the beginning of the movie, Quest traveled to The japanese to persuade Assan Motors to come to Hadleyville and reopen the factory allowing jobs to reopen. Within a union getting together with, Hunt explains to a hockey story regarding the team main character who salvaged the team. Look being the hero. The storyline tells the audience that he will probably be the towns leading man feeding his ego and individuality.

His girlfriend, Audrey, tries to persuade him the fact that town has to have a more collectivist approach: “They don’t need some person who’s trying to make the successful play by himself. ” Hunt ultimately recognizes what he is doing and apologizes to everyone at the celebration: “I set myself before the town and I’m really sorry. “Hunt and Kazihiro decides to reconcile and decide to finish the job of 15000 autos. The two people learn to value their differences by collaborating rather than rivalling, they were effective.

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