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REPORT ToMr. D. G. Farmer Froman analyst working for Devon Finance Managers (DFM) Date15 as well as 03 as well as 2013 Devon Fund Managers A regular statement that examines industry and satisfaction of Allen Baker plc. based on the Ted Baker Annual Record 2011-12. Business Summary This report is likely to analyse and evaluate the Ted Baker plc. by providing the most crucial ratios from the company and interpretations to them. Furthermore, it is going to recommend to hold stocks of this company to existing shareholders and in addition recommend potential investors to acquire the shares of Allen Baker plc. ince the return of the company is usually expected to be high in the nearest future. 1 . Introduction This report will probably analyse the apparel-textile industry and business performance of Ted Baker plc. by making use of financial research. It will also offer useful tips for users regarding investing in the business. 1 . 1 Industrial characteristics Ted Baker plc. are operating in apparel-textile industry. This kind of industry is famous for building and offering accessorizes and clothing. Apparel industry involves wholesalers and retailers.

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As retail stores can sell their own products in selling, they are more profitable but also extremely risky. Moreover, sales revenue in this sector, especially in is yours, tends to be extremely seasonal. Product sales are usually being maximised during holidays including the beginning of university periods. 1 ) 2 Industry averages and competitors Textile-apparel industry has a average marketplace capitalisation of 12B, which usually shows the regular total approximated number of given shares in companies of this industry. Net profit perimeter of six. % is a measure of earnings as well as, shows pricing approach and how the companies within Attire store manage their costs. Additionally , gross yield in this industry is only 1 . 1%, which displays the rate of return on investment. PRICE TO EARNINGS ratio in this industry is definitely 22. zero (refer to Appendices 2). In apparel-clothing sector, Burberry scarves Group plc. ranks 1st for marketplace capitalization., nonetheless it might not be a main competitor of Ted Baker, because of a several style and a price. The main competitors of Ted Baker are Paul Smith, Levi’s, Gap, Reiss and so on. 1 ) 3 Regarding the Company Ted Baker plc. s a British and community leading clothes brand that operates primarily on 3 channels: wholesale(45. 1%), retail(46. 6%) and licensing(8. 1%). Beginning from 1988 in Glasgow, they offer two choices per year, which include products such as: menswear, womenswear, accessories, shoes, born simply by Ted Baker, watches and the like.. Ted Baker is a detailed company working in london Stock Exchange(LSE: TED) and promote price today is 1243. 0p (13-03-2013 at 16: 47). 1 ) 4 Press media and future strategies According to The 3rd party (2012), business beats the profit target by offshore expansion for instance a new retail store in Beijing.

Its president and chief executive Ray Kelvin said that despite of the uncertainness in trading sector, firm has made a fantastic start to 2012 with a 16% boost in sales. Ray Kelvin recently spoke to media simply by emphasising that their upcoming plan is usually to make Wyatt Baker a worldwide business by simply opening even more stores in Asia and Latin America. Another future prospect is usually reducing taxation and costs. 2 . Economical Analysis of Ted Baker 2 . 1 Horizontal or perhaps Trend Research Table1 (Workings in Sortie 1) Stand 1 displays a lateral analysis driven about Ted Baker, which shows percentage changes in the components of Income Assertion.

It is an successful way of checking long-term developments. From 2011 to 2012, there is 20% change in earnings, however following deducting costs and bills this has decreased to 1. 6% as income for the year. In information, there is a important change in expense of sales, division costs and administrative expenses. As mentioned in part 1 . four, company has expanded its outlets and production in overseas, for that reason increase in this kind of costs are natural. In this case, analyzing provider’s results vertically would be more beneficial. installment payments on your 2 Straight Analysis Table 2 . (Workings in Appendices 1)

In vertical analysis, it is much easier to see factors as a percentage of Revenue. Between 2011-12, the portion that expense of sales takes in revenue has grown however , there is also a bigger degeneration in circulation cost. This year, 9. 21% of revenue remains since profit but also in 2012 this figure lessens to 8. 14%. Despite reduction in costs is one of the strategies of Wyatt Baker(part 1 ) 4), research illustrates that will cost increase annually. 2 . three or more Ratio Research 2 . several. 1 Earnings ratios Earnings Ratios Type 2012 2011 2010 Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) 8. 02% 31. 11% 28. 40% Operating Revenue Margin 10. 26% 12. 86% doze. 09% Gross Profit Perimeter 61. 31% 61. 68% 61. 09% Table 3 (Workings in Appendices 1) Profitability ratios are essentially figures to measure in the event the company is performing well in the terms of profit. ROCE ratio has increased in 2011 but in 2012 that deteriorates simply by 3%. This kind of fall shows that business was not successfully getting large returns like a percentage of its assets available, compared to 2011. Working profit perimeter figures inside the table over show the go back from net sales.

However profit margin ratios are high enough pertaining to the 3 years, there is a land from 12. 86% to 11. 26% during 2011-12. Sales revenue increases using a higher level than gross profit so there is a poor control of cost of sales and expenses. Gross profit margin illustrates the proportion of revenue remaining after deducting cost of revenue. During 2010, 2011 and 2012 this ratio has not changed significantly and loosing about 40% of revenue after cost of sales is organic for a company in textile-apparel industry as they use relatively more raw material than any other industries.

Generally, the profitability proportions shows that among 2010-2011 there is an increase in earnings of the company, however via 2011 to 2012 there exists a slight reduction in companies earnings for the reasons of higher costs and expenses. 2 . three or more. 2 Liquidity ratios Desk 4. (Workings in Bout 1) Liquidity Ratios Type 2012 2011 2010 Current Ratio 1 ) 98: 1 2 . 18: 1 installment payments on your 36: 1 Quick Ratio (Acid Test) 0. eighty six: 1 1 ) 05: 1 1 . nineteen: 1 Liquidity ratio the kind of analysis that measures the power of a company to repay their particular short-term debt and larger liquidity means higher perimeter of protection.

In Stand 4, current ratio shows that in 3 years company stored their current assets above current liability so Wyatt Baker was financially healthier. However , the ratio comes from installment payments on your 36: 1 to 1. 98: 1 between 2010-12, which can be a problem in the following years. Because Allen Baker is operating in clothing clothing industry it would be even more beneficial to research the company’s fluidity by using blank determination ratio, subtracting inventory. Apparel-clothing industry companies are highly influenced by inventories. But also for a retail company a little bit low quick ratio can be casual, margin of safety of Allen Baker is definitely deteriorating each year.

In 2011, a quick ratio of 0. 86: 1 demonstrates that company is definitely not at present able to spend its brief term-debts. installment payments on your 3. a few Investor ratios Table a few. (Workings in Appendices 1) Investor Proportions Type 2012 2011 2010 Dividend pay out ratio forty-five. 28% 41. 80% 31. 41% Gross Cover 2 . 21 installment payments on your 39 a few. 18 Dividend yield 6. 12% your five. 98% six. 13% Profits per discuss 51. 68p 49. 29p 54. 60p P/E Proportion 7. 40 6. 99 4. 41 Investor proportions are crucial figures for investors to assess the amount of revenue. Dividend pay out ratio explains the amount paid to shareholders as a percentage of what could be paid out.

From 2010, the percentage is certainly going up annually from 23. 41% to 41. 8% and forty-five. 28. Even so investors positively look this increase, additionally, it indicates that there will be fewer amounts still left to reinvest. Dividend cover is earning available to shareholder as a ratio of company’s net income. This ratio comes from several. 18 to 2 . 39 in 2011, and also to 2 . 21 in 2012. This shows that this season, for each? 1 profit, Allen Baker could pay the shareholders zero. 32p but now in 2012, investors might simply get zero. 22p coming from each? 1 of net gain. Dividend deliver ratio shows how much Wyatt Baker matures in payouts in a regards to share value.

Market value per share has grown with relatively less charge than talk about price and consequently, return by holding shares has increased via 5. 98% to 6. 12% in 2011-12. In attire industry, the typical yield is usually 1 . 1%, which is suprisingly low compared to Wyatt Baker outcomes. Earning per share ratio is simply the money coming from every single share. There exists a significant fall between 2010 and 2011 but in 2012 Ted Baker recovers some part of this to fifty-one. 68p, typically about 3p less than the one in 2010. Although the available amount to shareholders is usually increasing every single year(from? 66315 to? 5185), there is a comparatively higher increase in number of shares in concern. PE rate shows the anticipation of investor’s expectation in the future. Desk 5 describes that the targets from investors are elevating from year to year. The apparel industry normal of P/E ratio can be 22. 0, which is more than twice of Ted Baker’s This means that Wyatt Baker investors are less self-confident about the future earning benefits of the company when compared with other businesses in the industry. The high PRICE TO EARNINGS value this year shows the business is more dangerous than in 2010 and 2011. 2 . 3. 4 Solvency ratios Stand 6. (Workings in Sortie 1)

Solvency Ratios Type 2012 2011 2010 Economical Gearing 1 . 64% 1 ) 99% 1 ) 95% Interest Cover a hundred and twenty. 74 times 804. forty five times 197. 82 occasions In part 2 . 3. two, Ted Baker’s ability to satisfy short-term requirements has described, in this component by solvency ratios, to be able to pay long-term debts and the relationship between debt and equity loans will be discussed. Financial gearing ratios above show as to the extent Ted Baker uses its long term liability in financing the operations. Benefits of Ted Baker leveraging show satisfactory figures mainly because, over 3 years they have certainly not exceed 2% and that falls during 2010-12.

News, the company provides only? 1420(‘000) of noncurrent liability and? 85, 185(‘000) of fairness, indicating that to finance the organization only little bit of long-term legal responsibility is being utilized. Lower gearing ratio does mean lower monetary risk for the business, as well as reduce profit changing. Interest cover ratio of Ted Baker illustrates how much profit to protect interest payables. In 2010, curiosity payable could be paid 198 times with profit in addition to 2011 this kind of figure trends up extremely to 804 times. That falls to 121 occasions in 2012 due to increase in fascination payables(from? 31, 000 to? 201, 000).

Generally, the corporation has not encountered any problems about spending interest in the three years. 3. Conclusion As a conclusion, Allen Baker is a listed organization that works as retailer wholesaler and licensing organization under apparel-textile clothing firm. Recently, the corporation is growing abroad and product sales are increased as a result. Nevertheless , cost of the business has also increased significantly and as a result, earnings increased fairly less in 2012. Generally percentages show that there is higher improvement between 2010-11 compared to 2011-12. There is a small risk for the organization in the short run when arrays are excluded.

However in the long-run the corporation is very little risky. In investor rate trends, same scenario will be observed, and although there is a fall from 2010 to 2011, in 2012 the figures learn to improve. 3. 1 Recommendation The brand name Ted Baker is currently starting new retailers in different section of the world and their future technique is to grow the range more. However , the achievements of new stores is not really certain. Additionally , the benefits such as: revenue per reveal, financial gearing dividend produce indicates that company is performing well in the terms of financial health and level of returning.

Although most 2012 results are going up, they have not reached 2010 effects yet. For the reasons stated above, it may be recommended to investors to “hold shares in Allen Baker alternatively sell. Buying new stocks can also be advised for risk takers, since buying can be highly risky and the rate of go back could also be excessive. 4. Limitations Retail industries experience seasonality and because on this it is not and so certain when the results are getting analysed based on annual survey. The temporary results would give more accurate results about product sales and profit.

When analysing gross earnings margin, it really is uncertain that if it is excessive or low because of selling price or cost of sales. The regular selling price could not be found in annual reviews. The expense that is spent on promotion and advertisement of recent stores of Ted Baker is unavailable to users to speculate the potential achievement. Acceptable proportion for each market varies and the general guidelines about percentages might not be accurate for clothing industry. five. Bibliography 1 . Annual Report 2011/12. (2012). Ted Baker London. Teds Passport to Success. 2012 (1), (Hard Copy) 2 . Richard M. Johns (2006). The Attire Industry. nd ed. UK, London: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.. 1-124. a few. Yahoo Financial. (2013). SECTOR CENTER FABRIC APPAREL CLOTHES. Available: http://biz. yahoo. com/ic/320. html. Previous accessed 09th MAR 2013. 4. Wyatt Baker Recognized Website. (2013). About us. Readily available: http://www. tedbaker. com/about_us/content. aspx. Last utilized 14th MAR 2013. your five. London Stock Exchange-LSE: ALLEN. (2013). Allen Baker Plc.. Available: http://www. londonstockexchange. com/exchange/prices-and-markets/stocks/summary/company-summary. html? fourWayKey=GB0001048619GBGBXSTMM. Last accessed 13rd MAR 2013 by 16: 47. 6. The Independent-Business media. 2012). Wise Ted Baker beats profit targets. Obtainable: http://www. impartial. co. uk/news/business/news/smart-ted-baker-beats-profit-targets-8198352. html. Previous accessed tenth MAR 2013. 7. Full Week Information. (2012). Queen: Ted Baker chief executive Ray Kelvin. Readily available: http://www. retail-week. com/sectors/fashion/qa-ted-baker-chief-executive-ray-kelvin/5041478. document. Last utilized 10th SCAR 2013. eight. BBC News. (2012). Allen Bakers product sales boosted simply by overseas progress. Available: http://www. bbc. co. uk/news/business-18406260. Last accessed 9th MAR 2013. 9. Twelve-monthly Report 2010/11. (2011). Allen Baker Greater london.

Teds Material World. (1), 1-77. Sold at: http://www. palgrave. com/business/collis/ba2/students/TedBakerAnnualReport2010-11. pdf 10. Gross annual Report 2009/10. (2010). Wyatt Baker Greater london. Teds Developing About his Businesses. (1), 1-66. Sold at: http://www. tedbakerplc. com/ted/uploads/press/ReportandAccounts09_10Final. pdf format 11. Jesse M. Peterson (1993). Economical Ratios and Investment Benefits. Toronto, Canada: Lexington Ebooks. 33-126. 12. Barry Electronic. and Jamie E. (2008). Financial Accounting and Revealing. 12th male impotence. Essex. England: Pearson Education Limited. 259-748. 13. Richard B. (2008).

Financial Percentages: How To Use Monetary Ratios To Maximise Value and Success To your Business. Oxford, UK: PUNTA Publishing. 33-131. Profitability Percentages Type Solution 2012 2011 2010 Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) Operating Earnings Margin Low Profit Margin 6. Bout 1 (Workings) Liquidity Ratios Type Solution 2012 2011 2010 Current Ratio Quick Ratio (Acid Test) Solvency Ratios Type Formula 2012 2011 2010 Financial Gearing Interest Cover 28 January 2012 30 January 2011 30 January 2010 Share price at the yr end 382. 4p 344. 7p 240. 7p Weighted number of stocks and shares (a)(b) 164, 837 154, 247 121, 415

Dividend announced (a)? 38, 572? 31, 775? 20, 823 Total equity attributable to equity shareholders with the parent company (? ‘000)? 85, 185? 76, 024? 66, 315 Total dividend per talk about (b) twenty three. 4p twenty. 6p seventeen. 15p Trader Ratios Type Formula 2012 2011 2010 Dividend payout ratio Dividend Cover Gross yield Profits per talk about P/E Percentage 2 . 1 Horizontal and Trend Analysis (Workings) Income (All Computations in this sector has been computed with the same method) 2 . 2 Straight Analysis (Workings) E. g. to find cost of sales percentage, take income 100%, (All Calculations with this sector has become calculated with the same method)

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