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Financing Structuring Health Care

Healthcare Financing

Over the last several years, the role of insurance companies in providing diverse health care solutions has been progressively brought to the forefront. It is because costs have been rising significantly and the total number of uninsured is elevating. The mixture of these factors has elevated concerns that the many different individuals are being priced out of the program. To fully know what is happening needs carefully evaluating how the industry operates. This will likely be accomplished by looking at: three main types of insurance, the various categories, the types of maintained care ideas and the effect of managed care on Medicare / Medicaid. Collectively, these several elements will offer specific ideas as to the root strengths and weaknesses of the U. S. health care system.

Identify and describe the three main types of health insurance in the U. S.

Three different kinds of medical insurance include: overall health management agencies (HMOs), preferred provider companies (PPO) and consumer immediate health ideas (CDHPs). An HMO provides patients with access to a network of doctors. How it works is the individual can sign up for female care medical doctor. If there are specialist services or testing that are necessary, the patient must receive a affiliate from their main care medical doctor. A PPO is when patients may have a choice of primary care doctors and professionals within their network. CDHPs are designed to provide people with more different types of doctors inside network to get the insurance organization. This is because, anyone is contributing a certain amount of funds (on a yearly basis) that are designed to support pay for companies they may require in advance Because of this, they have increased flexibility in selecting doctors and hospitals. (“Types of Health Insurance, inch 2012)

Identify the three options for categorizing health care insurance in the U. S.

Three categories for health insurance include: indemnity, significant medical and handicap. Indemnity permits policyholders to decide on doctors as well as health care providers and any kind of away of pocket expenses above select amounts of time. Key medical coverage is targeted on safeguarding the individual by unforeseen mishaps, injuries and catastrophic ailments. Disability is when the insurance carrier will pay the policyholders reimbursement for not having the ability to work by: different health concerns, their state of health and a specific personal injury. (“Health Coverage, ” 2012)

Identify the three types of managed proper care plans and offer the pros and cons of every for the care service provider, insurer, and patient.

Three types of managed care plans include: HMOs, PPOs and stage of support plans (POS). A POS is the moment patients is able to see specialists and other doctors away from the network. This is given that they receive a referral off their primary care doctor. The key benefits of an HMO include: they will

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