Food cravings games themes essay

“One 50 % of knowing what you want can be knowing what you have to give up before you get it, ” Sidney Howard once said. This well-known quote relates to the Food cravings Games in lots of different ways. One of the major themes with the Hunger Game titles by Leslie Collins is the fact noble scarifies must be made for the survival of friends and family. The bottom line is that the protagonist surrender herself/himself to save lots of others. The first case in point is how Katniss got money for Prim’s goat named female.

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The second example is hoe Katniss lost herself for the bag that held anything they required desperately to save lots of Peeta. The final example can be how Katniss volunteered since tribute pertaining to Prim. The actual story how Katniss received enough money for Prim’s goat shows Katniss restricting herself to get something pertaining to Prim’s birthday.

“It was a Friday night time, the day before Prim’s birthday in late May possibly. As soon as school ended, Katniss and Gale hit in a bad neighborhood, because Katniss wanted to receive enough to trade a present for Prim.

These people were disappointed if they headed backside because that they didn’t get anything. Katniss and gale were regenerating for a minute by a stream when they observed him. A deer. “(pg. 269) that they caught the deer and walked back to District doze that Katniss lives in, and traded the deer with Goat person. These handful of state conveniently state that katniss made a sacrifice for prim something special. The second case is just how Katniss attended the party that had a bag that held something they necessary desperately. Inside case Peeta needed medicine to cure his lower-leg. “No he admits that. You’re not risking your life for me personally. Who stated I was? My spouse and i said. “(pg. 274).

After they get in an argument and the she says, ” All right, I’m going and you can prevent me! ” this shows a sacrifice for family members in the novel. The last case it once katniss volunteers for Prim as homage. “Prim! Strangled cry come out of my can range f and my personal muscles start to move again. Prim! I don’t need to leave through the masses. The various other kids help to make way instantly me allowing me a strait path to the stage. We reach her just as the girl with about to install the steps. With one big sweep of my biceps and triceps, I push her in back of me, We volunteer gasp. I you are not selected as tribute. “(p. 22) This data clearly that Katniss produced a sacrifice because she loves her sister a great deal. She had to make the sacrifice because if perhaps she did not she thought Prim would definitely die. And second Prim had simply no skill, yet Katniss performed because her dad trained her a bow and arrow.

The idea that noble sacrifices must be made in purchase for endurance of people and good friends is a significant thing in the Hunger Video games. Three illustrations show this idea with runs through the novel. The first case it how Katniss got money for Pims goat. The second model is just how Katniss lost herself just to save Peeta’s lifestyle. The last example is how Katniss volunteered for Prim as tribute. Collins clearly meant to impress her visitors the idea that surrender are very life altering which is essential in a person’s life. In the event that no one makes any type of sacrifice or sacrifices mankind can end! Therefore , make surrender to save family, friends, and more.


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