Forensic science composition

Assessment Questions

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1 . ​ What are the 4 types of evidence in a criminal analysis? The four types of evidence can be physical facts, documentary facts, demonstrative data and account.

2 . ​ What are individual characteristics? Give an example of an individual characteristic?

Individual attributes are homes associated with one common source into a high amount of certainty. An example of individual attributes that forensic scientists may possibly look for would be the ridge qualities of two fingerprint selections.

3. ​ What is the difference among individual characteristics and category characteristics?

Class qualities are the ones that can only be associated with organizations not just a one source

4. ​ What happen to be physical and chemical properties? Give among the each. Physical properties are those that identify a material or object without mentioning any other element. For example the physical properties of glass may be its weight, size, color, and volume. The physical homes are the ones that an object or trace evidence has with just their physical existence, without transforming it in any way with chemicals.

Chemical homes are those that describe what goes on when a element reacts with another element. For example , if the drug heroin comes into contact with the Marquis reagent chemical it turns purple. This behavior explains the chemical property of heroin helping forensic scientists identify the presence.

a few. ​ What do forensic researchers do to gather and preserve soil samples? Soil examples are typically accumulated from the criminal offense scene in a 100-yard radius at different spots. Forensic scientists consider great treatment in collecting and preserving soil trials, if garden soil is found on the bottom of a sneaker for example the soil is left on the boot and the complete shoe is taken to the crime lab. The object must also always be stored in these kinds of a way that any bits of dirt which may fall off the thing are retained.

Critical Pondering Questions

1 . ​ Why do you think forensic scientists are incredibly careful the fact that tests they do are sensitive, reproducible, and specific? What might happen if these people were less careful with this?  If the activities are not considered correctly in that case if you may possibly mess up or perhaps accidental loose some facts you have extra, they ingredients label to help with the specifics. If they happen to be less attentive of this then it might not be any use to these people and just certainly be a waste of their time.

2 . ​Which form of evidence do you think is most useful in an investigation? How come?

I really believe that the most beneficial evidence is usually physical evidence because it assists give greater detail than any other type of data.

three or more. ​ Why do you think that forensic scientists carry on and look for category characteristics presented their limitations?

Forensic scientist might continue to look for class qualities because they will like more evidence to convict or perhaps help with other law capturing reasons.

4. ​What do you think can be some of the difficulties in collecting and protecting impressions? Why?

I think that some challenges could possibly be having to be very gentle and careful of what you do and just how you treat the evidence.

5. ​If you were on a court, do you think you should expect person characteristics in the evidence? How come or why not? What results might it have in the event that individuals have individuals features presented? I believe I would anticipate individual features because that would help me produce some severe and maybe even final decisions.


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