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Mattel Analysis

The History, Operations, and Structure of Mattel, Incorporation.

Founded by Ruth and Elliot Handler and Harold (“Matt”) Matson in 1945, Mattel, Inc. has grown from its origins as a modest picture-frame maker operated via a garage to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of toy products (About Us, 2004). This kind of paper provides an overview of a history, operations and structure of Mattel, Inc. today, accompanied by a summary of your research in the bottom line.

(hereinafter “Mattel”). The company’s collection of brands and goods are grouped in the pursuing categories:

Mattel. The company’s brands in this portion include Barbie (which involves Barbie fashion dolls and accessories); Additional Girls Brands (which involves Polly Pocket or purse! And ello); Wheels (which includes Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Tyco R/C automobiles and playsets), and Entertainment (which contains Nickelodeon, Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh!, He-Man and Masters of the Universe, Batman, Justice League, and game titles and puzzles).

Fisher-Price. These brands contain Fisher-Price, Power Wheels, Sesame Street, Small People, Disney preschool and plush, Winnie the Pooh, Rescue Heroes, Barney, Observe ‘N Claim, Dora the Explorer, PowerTouch and View-Master.

American Woman. This category of brands contain American Girl Today, The American Women Collection and Bitty Baby (Mattel, 2004)

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A brief history of the provider’s founding and expansion. The Handlers and “Matt” Matson started Mattel as a picture-frame manufacturing concern, but Elliot Handler began using the leftovers from this business to make dollhouses. After Matson sold his interests in the company for the Handlers, Mattel is changed into a gadget company which has assumed global proportions today. Perhaps simply no other individual item typifies the Mattel product line than Barbie. Since its launch in 1958, the toy has become a all-pervasive plaything inside the U. H. And around the universe. In 1992, Mattel was quoted while having a value of $1. 6 billion, and it had been suggested the average American girl held seven Barbie dolls (Lord, 1994). By the turn of the century, American consumer figures had increased to 10 dolls every child, and it was believed that a Barbie doll had been sold just about every second (Lord, 1999); today, it is estimated that two Barbie dolls are sold every single second (Lord, 2004).

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A description from the company’s as well as subsidiaries goods and services. Today, Mattel designs, companies and marketplaces a variety of plaything products around the globe through a network of retailers and also directly to buyers. According to the Market Guide entry for the organization, products marketed by the intercontinental segment of Mattel (with the exemption of American Girl Brands), are usually identical to people developed and marketed by the company’s home segment; yet , some products are created or adapted for particular international marketplaces.


Tendencies in the anticipated takeovers, mergers which they deal with in the future. Though no mergers or purchases were determined in the recent literature, the company continues to determine and make profit on foreign opportunities to get expansion through culturally certain product lines. In July 2004, Mattel announced that it had guaranteed the special rights to formulate and make children’s items that are guarded by us patents and other mental property held by PurpleEyes, SA of France; the patented invention has got the potential to be applied to books and 3D items to provide points, educational instruction, sounds, music or other styles of identity for words and phrases, pictures or perhaps objects (Mattel, Inc. is Fisher-Price, Incorporation. Signs Agreement with People from france Firm, 2004).


The geographical opportunity of the companies operations. Mattel’s operations in family products design, make, marketing and distribution extend all over the world (Mattel, 2004). Headquartered in El Segundo, California, the company maintains offices and services in 36 countries and sells its products in more than 150 countries throughout the world. You’re able to send

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