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The Joys of Volunteering

The first company I volunteered to help is a plan called

Summer Pursuit. Summer Pursuit is designed to support students which can be in the

sixth through twelfth level experience a positive summer encounter. What

this in fact means is the fact it provides college students an opportunity to perform fun

and interesting things, in a positive ambiance. Instead of the students

resting at home by itself the entire summer, they have a place where they can

go out and enjoy themselves. This is an excellent program that gives students

an alternative to engaging in trouble and being by itself during the Summertime.

Summer Quest is also set up in a way that every one of the activities happen to be relatively


This is where I come in. I was responsible for putting together a

timetable of actions for each week. The routine included an activity for

Monday coming from 8: 00 a. meters. to 5: 00 p.

meters., Thursday from 4: 00 p. m. to 10: 00 p. m.

and Comes to an end from almost eight: 00 a.

m. to 5: 00 l. m. It was a very challenging assignment.

I had to plan fun events, yet also make them very inexpensive. This was a great

interesting task that allowed me personally for the first time to work with many of the

skills I had learned inside my Organizational Communication classes.

I had to

work out prices to get admission, and figure out vehicles and foodstuff cost.

It also educated me a great deal about organizing and time organization. I had formed to prepare

a few months in advance, and fill in every second through the day with activities to

keep the students busy. Now I know that later on when I are in the

real world, I can plan big events and pull all of them off successfully because of

this experience.

The second agency that I worked well for was Parkway Kindergarten. This

agency offers two types of programs.

They phone the 1st program Parents Day

Out. This method allows father and mother who cannot afford, or might not have the

resources of proper nursery, a chance to drop their kids off three times

a week via 8: 40 a. m. to 1: 00 p. meters. The second plan is a standard

preschool program operating from Wednesday to Comes to an end.

I had the opportunity to

work with both programs at my volunteer function.

During my trip to the program I would personally sit within different classes

that help the educator teach. I might read the kids stories, sing songs

and play childish games. I had too often think of games that would instruct a lesson

or come up with a creative way to learn things like the alphabet. When a

yr ago someone had explained that I would end up being working with young children I

would have named them a liar, but the fact is I loved it. Enough time I

shared with the kids was a wonderful joy.

While at 1st I dreaded knowing

I had to go to the preschool, as the semester went on, My spouse and i looked forward to

the time I really could be presently there with the kids. I can truly say that I not only

taught all of them, but they educated me.

The lesson My spouse and i learned does not deal with what I thought We would

find out, but was the greatest lesson of all. It handles the male role

model in kids life. I recently came across as I performed at the kindergarten that

there was a number of boys who, from the time I strolled into the building to the

time I actually left, could stay clutched to my own side. All over the place I would go, they

would comply with.

They would always produce a hug and want me to play with

them. During lesson time they will all group around me personally, getting since close

as they could. On the perform ground they would gather about and want me to

throw the ball to them, enjoy chase, or push these people on the swing action. The first

day time it began to happen I thought they were just doing it because I was fresh

which it would have on of in a couple of days, but for my amaze it did

not. In fact , they began to be a little more zealous regarding my time at.

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