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Alternatively, young children as seen by supporting the ban, may possibly start to discriminate against these kinds of protestors, as they can be seen as disturbers of serenity. REASON: Going onto purpose. Reason is founded on a philosophy from which it truly is followed up by a conclusion. A premise, in logic, is named an supposition. So how is connected to the issue of the prohibit of religious icons? Well, french governments reasoning behind this kind of law was built after the morals of secularism. Secularism encourages that express affairs must be separate from religion, although does this give reason for the ban?

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The positives with the ban on to which the People from france government values are set upon are that by separating the state of hawaii and religious beliefs, the government can perform its tasks without supplying special treatment to any particular group, especially since France is so different. The government authorities reasoning was based on that religion isolates people, rather than brining these people together. This can be based on the idea that by eliminating faith based symbols everyone can be looked at the same way, and will be recognized as a person from Portugal, rather than by their religion.

Rather than France becoming a mosaic, the us government wants a singular face that represents France, which will create a even more cohesive world. Moreover, it truly is believed what the law states was mainly put in place to stop Islamic extremism. If one can possibly visibly see, for example , the hijab becoming worn, in that case people may be pushed towards having a increased conviction within their beliefs, which in turn would lead to extremism. Another reason for this prohibit was that it could eliminate virtually any racism or perhaps prejudice, which is similar to regarding the bar eliminating extremism.

If a person can not notify whether a person is a Muslim, a Jew, a Sikh or a Christian, then they cannot be bias to them. Hence, all of these causes come from the same premise in the belief which the separation of state affairs and faith will create a united contemporary society. Moving on to how secularism would be a bad in Portugal. Although the disagreement that the ban would make a united England is valid, it can certainly not be tested as the truth. Religion gives people an identity, plus the ban offers taken that identity faraway from them, building a greater parting between the people that believe in the ban plus the people that do not.

Thus, the governments perception that the prohibit will create a united culture a argument as it is a hasty generalization, meaning it is an invalid design of reasoning, as faith is also a way of brining persons together. Since seen through religious events. Lastly, since the ban, individuals have only become more faithful and even more aware of all their religion because seen in the protests, and this could lead to more extremist measures. As individuals have become more aware about the suspend, they have be a little more exposed to the reality of the circumstance, which can find them involved in protests, and even riots.

RELATED CONCERNS: Now, we will approach from the TOK world, back to the real world in which the issue of the religious emblems ban links with other comparable issues. 1st Ill find a similar scenario to Italy, Turkey, wherever secularism is additionally a authorities policy. Next, I will be taking a look at the complete contrary of secularism, which will be a theocracy, Let me take the empire of Arab saudi as an example. And finally, I will be relating the freedom to express ones faith, to the independence of speaking ones brain more commonly referred to as freedom of speech. First of all, a parallel situation to secularism in France can be secularism in Turkey.

Poultry has been mainly viewed as female state, but also in fact this can be a secular. Although the interesting point about Chicken is that in case the government ever imposes spiritual laws to the extreme, the military can always get involved as they are the protectors of secularism. Secularism has been element of Turkey considering that the time of Ataturk, who was the initiator from it. Thus, Turkeys situation parallels France, though one big difference is that while the government is usually imposing this kind of belief in France, the military is imposing it in Chicken. Another related issue to the separation of state and religion is the binding of state and religion.

This can be called a theocracy and we can see one in the neighbor, Arab saudi. Instead of the federal government coming in among peoples morals, the government imposes the faith based beliefs about people. This is simply not to say that folks do not normally believe in their Islam, nevertheless the laws set up are extremely limited. This issue shows the opposite condition of when the government is too involved in the faith of the people, which limits their flexibility of choice, which can be limited in Saudi Arabia. Among the this would be the restrictions put on women and whether they are allowed to drive.

Although, this is also what the prohibit in Italy has done as well, it has limited peoples choice as all of us have to comply with one identification. This freedom of choice can even be connected to one other real world concern as the liberty of choice and faith pertains to the freedom of speech and speaking types mind. In Hyde Playground in England, there exists a speakers nook where recently one was allowed to talk about anything that arrived at mind, whether it is about the government, or the overall economy or other things. Although recently the police have been completely stationed in this area in order to stop extremists from speaking.

This is quite simply taking away the human beings freedom of speech, while there is validity in placing cops there, being a person could easily get out of hand. This is certainly similar to the bar on headscarves, which is quite simply a ban within the freedom to express ones spiritual beliefs. Therefore, all of these concerns are strongly related to each other. Show survey only The above preview can be unformatted text message This pupil written piece of work is one of several that can be found inside our International Baccalaureate Theory expertise section.

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