George and lennie relationship

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When George and Lennie are traveling to the ranch and Lennie stops to imbibe out of a pond of dirty normal water George cried “Lennie! Lennie for the almighty sakes may drink and so much” “Lennie, you will be sick like you was yesterday! ” This kind of quote displays thats George is concerned about Lennie’s into the well-being, and this Lennie will not now better by ingesting dirty water. He ideas Lennie’s existence as well as his own, and tries to produce him as happy as it can be.

Lennie serves as a companion and potential safeguard for George (He says at a single point, “Ain’t nobody goin’ to talk no hurt to George, inch suggesting that his response to any threat against his friend. ) One of the most telling assertion from the two men of their friendship is definitely the one they repeat as part of their ritual. As Lennie and George go over the design of their dream and cover the future, they will repeatedly establish their a friendly relationship by saying that they are nothing like the various other traveling personnel. Some estimates to show evidence they they may be not like the other travelers are, “George: “We ain’t like that” Lennie “Not us! An’ why? Because¦ because I acquired you to look after me, and you’ve got myself to look after you, and that’s why. ” To George, this think of having their particular place means independance, secureness, being their particular boss, and most importantly “being somebody. inches To Lennie, the fantasy is like the soft pets he pets: It means reliability, the responsibility of tending the rabbits, and a refuge where he refuses to have to be scared.

To Candy, who sees the farm being a place where he can state a responsibility he don’t take if he let Carlson kill his dog, it includes security for retirement years and a home where he will easily fit in. For Thieves, the little farm will be a place where he can have self-respect, acceptance, and security. For every man George, Lennie, Candies, and Thieves human dignity is an integral part of the dream. Having and sharing the dream, however , are not enough to bring it to fruition. Each man must make a sacrifice or perhaps battle a few other force that seeks, purposely or certainly not, to steal the dream aside. Initially, the obstacles happen to be difficult but is not insurmountable: keeping out of trouble, not spending money on alcohol or in bordellos, and working at the ranch lengthy enough to save the cash for a deposit.

The complicating aspect of this romance comes with the reality Lennie is not a kid and is responsible for his individual actions. Though George is definitely Lennie’s “caretaker”, he can only take a meaningful responsibility to get Lennie’s mistakes, not a legal one. This kind of fact leads to the book’s climax where both methods of responsibility meet in a dramatic quality.

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