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deities – Gilgamesh – iliad

A Comaprison Of The Deities In

the epic of gilgamesh and the iliad

In what is now the country of Iraq, section of the great “Fertile Crescent” between the Rivers Tigris and Euphrates, and where Hammurabi created his popular legal unique codes, ancient Babylon was the house of the impressive story of Gilgamesh, created circa 1700 B. C. E and the oldest regarded story on the globe which predates Homer’s Iliad and Journey by a thousand years. The hero inside the Epic of Gilgamesh was an historic king whom reigned great in the Mesopotamian city of Uruk sometime about 2750 N. C. Elizabeth. In this adventure, the full of Uruk encounters a guy named Enkidu who has been civilized by art and magic of temple priestess. But when Enkidu dies, the king is usually overwrought with emotion and sadness and then sets out to on a long trip of finding to find the only person inside the known globe who knows the secrets of existence and death.

Of course , The Epic of Gilgamesh includes many sources to various gods and goddesses, all of who play main roles inside the epic. Gilgamesh himself, identified as a soldier and of gigantic proportions, are at first a tyrant, a runner monster filled up with great odium and selfishness. He oppresses everyone in his orbit, both women and men, which requires the people of Babylonia to pray to heaven. The primary god Anu, the father in the Babylonian gods, hears their very own cries intended for help, yet he would not assist them right away, a sign of his great spirit and lack of ability to lower himself to the status of a simply mortal. What he truly does instead is usually summon the fantastic mother empress Aruru to produce another man like Gilgamesh, but this time it really is his dual, his doppleganger; it is Enkidu: “Now get and create/A double to get Gilgamesh, his second self/A man who also equals his strength and courage/A guy who equates to his stormy heart/Create a brand new hero, let them balance each other/Perfectly, so that Uruk provides peace” (Book I, pg. )

When ever Gilgamesh is sent over a long excursion to eliminate the creature known as Humbaba, he obtains a great deal of determination from Shamash, the the almighty of the sunlight and the the almighty of rights and the guard of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh’s mother, the empress Ninsun, constitutes a prayer to Shamash: “You have approved my son/Beauty and strength and bravery – why/Have you burdened him which has a restless cardiovascular? ” (Book III, pg. ). With this passage, Ninsun is portrayed as almost human in nature, for although she too is actually a god, the lady prays to another god pertaining to answers to her questions relating to Gilgamesh. Shamash, as the god of justice, is clearly in charge and obviously must be summoned in order to bring about justice, even intended for the boy of a god.

In Book IV with the Epic of Gilgamesh, another goddess, specifically Ishtar, the goddess of love and the client deity of Uruk, is definitely not described with such honorable prestige as is Ninsun or Aruru, for she is utterly rejected by Gilgamesh and Enkidu, despite the fact that her temple is viewed as full of reverence and amazement. Also, the fact that Ishtar was known as Inanna, the Queen of Heaven, in ancient Sumerian culture, makes this even more unexpected

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