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Global War on Fear

United States’ stand upon terrorism has come under serious criticism as 9/11 terrorists attacks. Not simply the other countries are critical about the global battle with terrorism, but the Americans are actively criticizing their own activities because of the failure of activities they have observed so far.

The continuing turbulence and security issues had pressured United State to change the other policy which has raised several questions about a global war on terrorism. It is important and vital to get the foreign coverage maker of United States to determine whether to pursue an idealistic scenario and pressure other countries to do similar, where there will be no issues, complications, or for example no battle or to deal with the reality as it is.

The American military activities are facing several issues and problems since the eleventh September episodes. The country can be facing the problems and hazards because of building terrorist systems that are deploying military soldiers at several locations, building various schooling camps, and are also gathering and accreting weapons; the growing missiles and nuclear guns testing in North Korea; the developing trend of activism in Iran and efforts completed acquire their particular nuclear tool store; the increasing prominence and charge of Taliban in Afghanistan; as well as the worsening conditions of War which are leading towards detrimental war. In addition to this the various other two key economies of world, China and Spain, are going following their own personal interests and benefits even at the charge of others benefits and passions (Council International Relations, 2006).

The guidelines of United states of america have been underneath serious critique and queries since the begin of ‘war against terrorism’. Different countries have shown their very own concern and reservations regarding the raising American treatment in the affairs and issues of other countries, simply to pursue the national pursuits of Us. The American government is not able to communicate and convince the critics over the fact that the American guidelines are pertaining to the global rewards and wellbeing. The main reason in back of this is which the people of United States are still stuck in the argument between idealism and realistic look. The government alone is not able to determine about the nature of the foreign policy and there are ongoing inner conflicts.

The critics will be of the view that the overseas policy of America is actually realistic and country is merely looking to fulfill the national interests and is making use of the power to get in the way in other countries’ operations and matters to be able to meet identity and countrywide interests. The claim of America about global peace and freedom is a tool to realise the national desired goals and hobbies. Because of this perception there elevating hatred against American procedures especially among people of the countries that are being occupied. The world’s concern over American procedures increased following the flop test of Leader Bush with all the concept of unilateralism (Richardson, 2008).

The present govt is trying to deal with this issue and problem and is also trying to enhance a positive image of the country by communicating a global interests lurking behind the global battle with terrorism.

As mentioned above the main reason behind this adverse image about the global battle with terrorism is because of failed plans of Chief executive Bush following your attacks of 11th Sept. 2010. The government of America is not able to communicate well the global interests behind the ‘war against terrorism’, and it is being regarded as a state created by America in order to fulfill the national pursuits and desired goals.

The armed service action of United States in Afghanistan and Iraq has created a negative perception and has increased hatred against Americans. The increased surgery of Us in the concerns of various other countries also have contributed this problem and concern of unfavorable perception regarding the country. And a lot importantly, the policy creators and politicians of America themselves are quarrelling about the realistic and idealistic strategies of overseas policy.

This problem and problem can be fixed by laying out a more idealistic approach towards foreign coverage and by connecting well for the world the fact that aim or perhaps goal at the rear of the foreign policy is the tranquility and harmony all over the globe. Apart from this there should be a harmonious relationship and consensus amongst Us citizens about the approach of foreign coverage; if they are going to agree on a single approach and will own it they are able to communicate the benefits of foreign policy to other community more effectively and will able to support their position.


The best threat to the stability of the U. H. comes not from any kind of outside resources but from USA’s respond to those outside the house sources. Terrorism may be a threat nonetheless it is the response to danger that will turn into most dangerous for the U. S. In the long term. We need to prevent using terrorism as a reason to release military intervention in various regions of the world and instead we must realize that if we stay focused on our internal complications and how each of our foreign associations are building a wave of animosity resistant to the U. H., we can better protect each of our nation and our nationwide interest.

The U. T. has failed to understand that American intervention for most part of the universe was neither wanted nor welcomed. Only if America could see how the forced input is creating problems due to the stability, it could benefit from that. The danger against radical Islam has been so overly exaggerated that it is resulted in these:

a. It has turned the Muslim world against America as well as its values

b. It has manufactured most Muslims move even closer to their particular religious values in an effort to safeguard their religious sovereignty

c. It has certainly angered a broad section of Muslims some of whom may carry on to join radical forces.

We have to understand that revolutionary Islam did not emerge abruptly on Sept 11, 2001 instead it had been the result of various actions recently taken by the U. T. that had generated a wave of anti-American belief in the Arab world. Many constant support of Israel against Middle east is one important example of the damage made by American overseas policy to our national curiosity. Instead of featuring support to Israel mainly because it was not really ISLAMIC which is fighting against people of Islam, America is sending out 1 message deafening and clear: i. e. we are not just or good, we simply want to favor anyone who is against Islam. This is because acquired the U. S. in fact been only, it would hardly ever support Israel because Israel forcefully tried to capture a part of Palestine that usually belonged to Middle east. It was indeed something deeply wrong and one that converted the Arabic world against America. Now if in the act, a radical version of Islam emerged then that is to blame below?

No one is more likely to suffer from American overseas policies than America itself. And thus I fully support Francis Fukiyama’s non-military action theory. He proposed that instead of employing military input and then wanting everything would turn in America’s favor, America needs to work with nonmilitary actions in stressed zones to get the best results but still keep friendly relations while using Islamic globe. We need to understand that by forging a policy of anti-Islamism, America is not really hurting anyone but by itself. There has recently been much a wave of conversion to Islam in several part of the world. This only goes to show that despite Many views, individuals who want to follow Islam or want to learn even more about this religious beliefs, continue to do this. And with additional people going into Islam, it can be even aware of wage a war against Islam or perhaps a war against any Muslim country? Certainly not, there is certainly great power in numbers and when it

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