Godden and baddeley 1975 psychology essay

Godden and Baddeley (1975) Godden and Baddeley under took an area experiment in which they looked into if becoming in the same environment once learning/remembering something affects their very own recall in appose to being in a different environment from where words are learnt. They were doing using persistent group style. Godden and Baddeley found 18 deep-sea divers who were given 38 unrelated two or three syllable words and phrases, they all acquired the same time to try and remember these types of words. They were then at random allocated to 5 conditions, 1 being to master and recollect the words around the beach, the second being to find out and remember the words underwater, the third getting learn on outdoors and recall underwater as well as the last being learn below water and recall on the beach.

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The indicate number of effects recalled pertaining to dry land learning and call to mind were 13. 5, the mean range of results were recalled for underwater learning and recall was 11. some, the indicate number of benefits recalled for less than water learning and dust recall was 8.

5 and the indicate number of effects recalled pertaining to dry land learning and under water recall was almost eight. 6. The results of the experiment ended in proving that when learning something in a certain environment, that when recalling/being tested upon in that same environment, the results will be better than keeping in mind in a different environment.

Godden and Baddeley’s experiment experienced many advantages, one being that the research had ecological validity, which means the test can be generalised to real life situations, one other being that purchase effects happen to be limited, as the participants are less very likely to suffer monotony as they were each assigned 1 condition therefore the validity of the test is not really affected, one last strength being Godden and Baddeley arbitrarily allocated the divers with their conditions producing the try things out unbiased.

With much power, the experiment had a few limitations, these kinds of being that the participant factors may have affected the experiment as some divers may well generally be a little more intelligent and have good memory space, therefore all their results can be better than most in both environment, also, when scuba divers were travelling to a different environment from which they learnt their particular words, they could have been distracted causing those to forget. Finally, the outcomes cannot be applied to the whole human population, only technical scuba divers as the test was particularly done upon divers, but not average people.

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