Grant and lee ulysses s term paper

Antebellum America, Abraham Lincoln, Compare, African American Studies

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T. citizens.

Irrespective of all of the destruction and damage that got crippled the South resulting from the conflict and his give up to Offer, Lee was considered “the symbol of all things for which (the Confederate soldiers) had been willing to die. inch Thus, “if the Misplaced Cause, inches being the losing of the Old To the south and its aristocratic/slavery system, “sanctified by a great deal heroism and so many deaths, had a living justification, ” it was Robert E. Lee (Catton, 2003, 632).

In contrast, Ulysses S. Grant “was everything Shelter was not, ” for rather than being brought up in a rather well-to-do family with close and important ties into a number of rich and prominent Southern politics figures and leaders, Scholarhip, the boy of a skin tanner from the Western American frontier, was raised “the hard way” and represented the “eternal toughness” and sinewy fiber” of the great mountain males, those who experienced fled civilization for a your life of roughness and have difficulty in the wilds of the Rugged Mountains and beyond (Catton, 2003, 632). Grant was also what one may well call a nonconformist, pertaining to he felt that he was his individual man and owed nothing to no one, much unlike Shelter who came from a family qualifications filled with respect and popularity of all things the southern part of and a deep value for the Southern way of life with its laid-back indifference towards the plight with the black person and woman. But just like Lee, Give was also a firm oponente of the organization of captivity in the South and believed that blacks deserved being treated since human beings rather than like cows.

However , as Catton remarks, Grant and Lee shared many similarities. Both had been undoubtedly great soldiers and military geniuses and always confronted the foe with wonderful resolution and an air flow of disobedient and superiority. As Catton tells us, Scholarhip and Lee possessed “great virtue and utter tenacity, ” and therefore they tightly believed in their individual causes and might do anything to accomplish them. In addition they were exciting and extremely formative which is maintained Lee’s “dazzling campaigns of Second Manassas and Chancellorsville” and Grant’s turbulent and deadly success for the Union in Vicksburg (2003, 634).

Yet one of the most important similarities between Grant and Lee was their capability to face eliminate honorably and also to recognize that not side, staying the Union and the Confederacy, came out the victor following the war, due to the continuing challenges of African-Americans and the damaging consequences of Reconstruction. However all in all, Offer and Shelter have very much in common, especially related to their determination to bring peace to America though it meant the lost of thousands of lives and the rending apart with the foundation of American democracy.


Catton, Generic. (2003). “Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrasts. inch Bannon: A Writer’s Workshop: Crafting

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