Health and Safety Essay

Describe how health and safety is monitored and maintained and just how people inside the work environment are made mindful of risks and hazards and encouraged to work securely. In my position we have a safeguarding plan but we don’t include a health insurance and safety plans that I am aware of however the safeguarding polices is available around the schools web page. Anyone is capable to get on to the website and the policies. We certainly have a sigh by the kitchen sink in the personnel room say warning hot water and we have got a sigh in the classes letting children and personnel knows that this particular in the tab is moving water we likewise have fire protection sign about the school.

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They will always have appointment every month in health and security but it is merely for the primary teachers. We now have a fire drill twice 12 months so all the children and staff know where to go in case there is a fire that they had a fire exercise last week that was good cause I did not know where to go if a fire takes place so it help me cause now I know where to go if the fire takes place. We often tell the kids not speak to strangers then when the children ready home they are not allowed to leave an till the adults tell them that they can move cause we need to make sure that the ideal people are finding the children up and that they are generally not going off with unknown people or with someone they are not intended to go home with.

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