History 1920’s Essay

America went through various social adjustments with the American Revolution and industrial trend.

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During the 1920’s, the face of America started to change even more into a great urban culture. Many dissimilarities between the countryside and metropolitan sides of America come about. Historians consider the tensions of the twenties as a backlash against the growing urban America, which turns out true. Rural people presumed that the city lacked morals. The downtown city dwellers lashed back saying rural occupants did not be familiar with technology of modern times.

Inside the 1920s, the first time in American history, even more people lived in cities rather than the countryside. Persons living in the more rural parts of America noticed the urban lifestyle as being a threat to traditionally distributed value. The cities, a haven for political corruption and distraction, had considerably more alcohol and prostitution challenges than their particular countryside alternative did.

While using rise of Hollywood and films, people found a getaway from their routine life and went to observe movies that portrayed just what it meant to live the American dream. However , the rural area of the region stuck for the old means of agriculture lifestyle as the struggle between old and new even now went on. With the rise in mass media also emerged an increase of cultural challenges. The press brought about a revolution of morals since many metropolitan Americas noticed the changes in media and lifestyle since liberation from your old country Victorian earlier.

Granted, the rural Americans would not see it this way. They experienced that American had begun to change in sinful techniques and that the ethicality of America had begun to corrosion. Many people in the country also resented the amount of immigrants coming into America. As a result, the Klu Klux Klan elevated and revolted against the migrants, Blacks, Catholics, Jews, and any modern day or progressive movement.

Located mostly in the rural regions of America, the Klu Klux Klan considerably showed all their discontent together with the modern American lifestyle. The South confirmed their animosity towards the foreign people and Blacks through discrimination and racism. However , none of this stopped the urban rise of America the fact that country would soon need to accept.

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