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Question: Using Brian Holmes find solutions to problems approach, identify an educational problem in the school or perhaps area and demonstrate how one can use the approach to investigate and attempt strategies to the problem.

I actually. Problem identity

Education is a essential thing in the life of every individual in the culture. It is a real key to existance and gives one the insight and elegance to tackle world problems in a braver manner. However , education is faced with several challenges, which try hard to bring it straight down and unnecessary its effects on one’s life (Lynn et. approach., 2010). One of many challenges today is truancy. Truancy, which is described as any kind of form of illegal and intentional absence at school, is a growing challenge and is also continuing to broaden their effects upon students following the introduction of free primary education. According to statistics and research, truancy starts to manifest itself among principal school children since in class one or even kindergarten. It is a developing problem in Kenya and needs focus in order to correct. According to Brian Holmes, such challenges in the educational sector are always solved applying comparative education. Brian Sherlock holmes suggests that using the problem solving procedure, tricky difficulties to education can easily be reduced or resolved using comparative education. By his point of view, comparative education, which is the comparison and analysis of educational specifics in one country as compared to an additional, can be combined with the problem solving method to solve educational challenges. In the problem solving strategy, Holmes utilizes a set of measures, which this individual believes usually leads us away of educational problems such as truancy (Lynn et. ‘s., 2010). Actions include, trouble identification, issue analysis, recommended problem solution, specification of context, evaluation, and conclusion. In this composition, we shall make use of these steps to create out solutions to truancy in Kenyan educational institutions (Zajda and Rust, 2009).

II. Difficulty analysis

Truancy is a common problem in schools worldwide and continues to concern the education sector. If certainly not dealt with at an early age, truancy is actually a deadly disease and can quickly make a single drop out of faculty. Truancy is believed to be brought on by different factors across different countries. In Kenya, this problem is usually associated with poor treatment for schools, that causes one to hate school and commence truancy. In other countries like the Usa, this problem is believed to be due to early access to alcohol and too much freedom from father and mother at home. Unlike the United States, Kenya has larger rates of truancy and school dropouts and these figures keep rising year after year (Zajda and Corrosion, 2009). From this observation, there may be need for the government to step up and set up measures that can help children stay with school routines and finish all their education since required. In Kenya, truancy manifests in children in several ways including not performing homework, avoiding stories including school, discussing ill of teachers and other students, changing routines pertaining to schools prep, and infrequent routines once coming back from practice (Manzon, 2011). Parents and teachers should be alert around the onset of this kind of signs and talk to students to ensure that they are having an easy time when in school. Extended truancy of students triggers them to fail in tests. This triggers despair besides making them hate school, which could easily lead to drop out in schools. Increased cases of faculty dropouts offers adverse effects for the society and leads to improved crime cases, increased insecurity, and poor standards of living. This really is basically because pupils who have discontinued his studies seek new ways of surviving and find themselves stealing to earn a living. This is certainly a decrease of useful persons in the culture and a waste of resources for school (Zajda and Corrosion, 2009).

III. Proposed trouble solutions

In order to curb truancy and its particular related results on college students, there is requirement of the government to come in handy and implement guidelines that will make certain that students stick to school exercises and enroll in school every day. According into a report offered by Bray, Adamson and Mason (2007), truancy can start as a result of either home installation and organization or school setup and organization. Regarding this, there is need for the Kenyan government to analyze and find out the most prevalent reasons behind truancy in schools before coming up with approaches to the problem. One of the most prevalent factors behind truancy resulting from home set up is deficiency of family support, family function and obligations, illness that is not treated before hand, and friends and family poverty that leads to deficiency of uniform and school requirements. In another circumstance, school related reasons for truancy include, peer influence, adverse school experience like lovato, poor treatment by professors and lack of proper care while at school. In comparison to the United States, which has fewer circumstances of truancy, the Kenyan government should also implement some of the strategies put in place to reduce truancy (Manzon, 2011). The first assess that needs to be performed is to make sure that schools and districts have departments intended for careers recognition, counseling programs, non-academic classes, and apprenticeship programs. These types of will inspire students to pursue all their career choices more seriously and develop a liking to school courses and schedule, which minimizes and stops truancy (Zajda and Corrosion, 2009).

In addition to that, the government is supposed to introduce strict college attendance procedures, which will make certain that all learners are accessing and continuing with their education (Kubow and Fossum, 2007). As an example, the government can suggest that students exceeding ten unexcused absences will never be allowed to navigate to the next class. Such policies are supposed to ensure that students stick to track with the academic activities and finish college with a better score. In addition to that, the federal government is also likely to pass strict laws about parents who give a lot of domestic function to college students preventing all of them from doing homework or going to school (Kubow and Fossum, 2007). This will help father and mother to stay warn and observe their children’s progress at school and in many cases encourage them to complete their research and wake them early on for school.

Research shows that when students think isolated and out of place while at school, they will easily start to avoid university and thus become truant (Zajda and Corrosion, 2009). Out of this context, it is important that the government presents programs that will aid to bring college students together as far as possible to help them feel a lot better when in school. These kinds of programs consist of games, group studies, communal activities, interschool and interclass competitions. In addition to that, the government should certainly introduce advanced programs that may engage badly performing learners in mentoring or courses. This will help such students to be tuned upon academic operate even when in the home and thus create a liking to varsity and paper. Such courses include may be like on-line tutorials, periodic online training, and holiday tuition. Such programs boost class work understanding and promote examine while at residence and during vacations, which reduces chances of being truant (Pang and Hui, 2008).

The government is usually supposed to introduce rules and regulations which will ensure that parents are responsible for the schooling with their child. This kind of rules should certainly ensure that a mom or dad suffers penalties when they are not able to prevent their child from being truant. In addition to penalties, such mom and dad are supposed to be jailed and give guidance on how to penalize their children and be sure that they are participating school as required. These kinds of rules can help parents to become on track in regard to their child’s school attendance and performance (Zajda and Rust, 2009). From another perspective, such guidelines will infuse discipline in children whenever they realize that their particular mistakes will probably be payable by way of a parents. This will help to them to stay focused and disciplined while at school and when in the home.

IV. Specification of circumstance

Even though the above solutions are the only possible way to solve truancy, there are many challenges that might appear during their setup. The initially challenge is a flexibility of the government to simply accept and intend on how to apply them (Pang and Hui, 2008). There exists a lot of complacency and the reassurance of the education sector, which makes it tough for the federal government to put into action strict rules in one parliamentary sitting. Suggestion of this sort of solutions may well bring discussion posts and oppositions that will sooner or later result in dismissal in the solutions. For example, passing regulations that will cause parental treatment due to their kid’s truancy habits might not be quickly welcome by both father and mother and pupils and might possibly cause demos and professional actions. This can be disastrous for the government and may cause hold off of important government assignments and function (Kubow and Fossum, 2007).

Moreover, it is difficult intended for the government to implement ongoing online tutorials and assessment due to deficiency of resources. Because the government has tight finances and economic plans, it could not always be easy to bring in additional spending without comprehensive consultations and planning (Pang and Hui, 2008). This will likely prevent rendering of such solutions hence allowing continuation of the problem. In addition to that, most teachers are incredibly relaxed and might not end up being flexible to implement strict rules and regulations that may track every student’s attendance. There is a lot of laziness and complacency exhibited in educational institutions among professors is one of the primary challenges facing the education sector and might not really allow for execution of new learning strategies and rules.

From one more perspective, father and mother will also cause challenges when implementing fresh educational strategies and guidelines. Some father and mother give their children a lot of freedom and lots of pocket money from an early age, that makes it difficult to allow them to support setup of rigid rules and regulations with regards to schooling and truancy (Pang and Hui, 2008). To a few parents, a shortage of their child from practice creates even more labor and company at your home, which makes life better for these people. Such father and mother will be a big problem to the implementation of rules that will require them to become jailed in the event their children absented from school. Moreover, government rules regarding to morals and conscience do not allow parents to receive punishment intended for mistakes done by their children (Manzon, 2011). This will likely also prevent any implementation of this sort of rules and regulations therefore allowing truancy to continue.

Sixth is v. Comparison and conclusion

In the United States, truancy is said to start at around age 15 and escalates with age group to twenty-one (Cowen, Kazamias and Unterhalter, 2009). This kind of trend is attributed to increased freedom coming from parents and introduction to the usage of alcohol. In Kenya, the trend is different and truancy starts at an early age. Around 8 to 10 years, a few students continue to show indications truancy as well as refuse to attend schools totally. In most cases, this is usually the end of schooling to such kids. They usually start providing labor in facilities, begin to make use of drugs and eventually end on the streets as street beggars. Such children find it hard to settle in every area of your life and start a family group.

To summarize, it is apparent that truancy is a general problem and is affecting the training sector in both developed and growing countries. Problems needs eager government input and help in order to decrease or quit. Truancy needs proper organizing, budgeting, and implementation of all the suggested tactics in order to lessen or prevent it. It is a universal issue and thus needs combined work of parents, instructors, students as well as the government (Cowen, Kazamias and Unterhalter, 2009).

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