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According to the 2015 Living Forests Report made by the World Vast Fund to get Nature (WWF), deforestation often pose an extremely severe menace to certain countries or perhaps areas especially in Borneo. With this problem available, WWF is to seek effort from governments and numerous organization in Sarawak and Sabah. With state government authorities being extremely cooperative

WWF can now very easily address the deforestation price in both states through various conservation methods. These kinds of initiatives include enhancing guarded areas, conservation spatial planning, responsible forestry and forest certification that may reduce the level of deforestation and even build a balance among development and conservation(cite. wwf website. )

Conservation Planning

In Sarawak, according to Dr Dionysius, he stated that a notable collaboration to deal with deforestation together with the state government is a Systematic Conservation Planning to create maps that shows areas that are beneath the priority of conservation. He also mentioned that these map would integrate elements of Totally Protected Areas that needs solid conservation measures for security and management of ecosystem services areas.

Through this methodical identification of priority preservation areas, a number of the remaining unchanged forest can be even more protected. Dr Dionysius also talks about that degraded areas that still have vital conservation and ecosystem service principles can also experience forest recovery by planting indigenous trees and shrubs which can slowly restore the forest to its former self and even keeping this preserve for the to come.

Enhancing Guarded Areas

In Sabah, WWF today collaborates strongly with the Sabah Forestry Section on activities that can reduce the deforestation costs. One of the solutions to this problem should be to identify even more forest areas for protection. This can reduce the deforestation costs because a growing number of forests are being considered as protected forest thus also minimizing deforestation. This can not only lessen deforestation costs but it could also help achieve Sabah government’s goal of bringing 30% of the area area pertaining to protection. This can be proven effective in accordance to Doctor Dionysius which will he explained that a number of the new areas that have long been announce while protection forest reserves in November 2014 has confirmed effectively to stopping the risk of deforestation in those areas.

Promoting Lasting Bioenergy

With installment payments on your 6 billion dollars people today nonetheless using biomass such as real wood and charcoal for preparing food and other things. WWF should promote bioenergy from recycle wood, olive oil, fats and many other. When depending on bioenergy, we could reduce the reliability on forest and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. If almost all of the world’s strength will come coming from sustainable, renewable sources including bioenergy, it will have a reduce demand on wood that will then reduce the activities of deforestation for future years. This can then simply sustain forest and even restore certain demeure for pets or animals.

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