Ict market of bangladesh problems and prospects

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Details and communication technology is the strength of the new period. ICT provides enriched the abilities to turn over the info into beneficial information. Bangladesh is doing a whole lot of improvement in the field of ICT. Government objective is to generate a digitalized Bangladesh which is named because vision2021. People in Bangladesh are displaying a huge amount of involvement in the field of ICT. A lot of Government and nongovernment organizations are working behind the opening of ICT training institutes. People from every single district in Bangladesh are becoming this advantage due to this kind of initiatives by these agencies. People are increasing their economical status through it. The need in ICT sector is creating day by day but many problems are being faced. Government and several organizations are trying to fix these kinds of problems which can be resulting healing from these problems.

Complications faced of ICT industry

ICT is developing fast in Bangladesh. Yet ICT sector is faced with a lot of problem during this expansion. The problems that ICT industry are facing are given beneath:

  • Weight shedding: ICT is mainly dependent upon electricity while there arises a lot of load losing in Bangladesh. This withstands the development of ICT industry.
  • Illiteracy: This can be a main problem. Specifically rural people are not aware of literacy. To work on ICT terms persons should be inform themselves. In any other case they will not be able to understand a lot of terms about it.
  • Cost: A lot of people of Bangladesh are central and low class. Primarily Rural persons lead unpleasant life while cost of ICT related items are very substantial. So , that high price is unbearable towards the maximum persons.
  • Rural People: Above 65% persons of Bangladesh lives in neighborhoods. Most of them hardly earn their particular livelihood. In these circumstances, they even may want to know regarding the effect of technology that may bear very good result to them and their children. This plenty of people need to be the targeted part of ICT market.
  • Hardware sector: In Bangladesh there is no reliable components company. Uses of technology are increasing but no one is centering on it. Maximum hardware parts are imported from in foreign countries like Cina, Japan and so forth
  • Computer software sector: There is absolutely no such computer software developing firm in Bangladesh that is functioning well in this sector. Optimum applications we all use are created by foreign countries. In the event that they can create such software so why not we all. The people taking care of it aren’t giving all their effort because of this.
  • Deficiency of applied understanding: In ICT, applied knowledge is given first priority assessing theoretical know-how. But in Bangladesh people are unable to get much practical knowledge. Different training acadamies are just awe-inspiring theoretical knowledge to the college students.
  • Not enough applied sector: There is a handful of applied sector of ICT where pupils can master practically. In the event students can not apply their theoretical knowledge in practical life, the information has no value. One can find out better regarding ICT virtually than theoretically.
  • Politics: It is a enormous problem in Bangladesh. There remains to be clash involving the ruling party and challenger party constantly. Again the leaders aren’t sincere enough to their respective places. Because of different politics violations ICT industries aren’t being able to stand up perfectly.
  • Building Factory: To build enough resource and enriched ICT company a massive land is needed. But like a land shorted country it is facing impracticability to build thus.

Endeavours to take

ICT market should take a lot of initiatives to provide technology conveniently to the people. The initiatives are described listed below:

  • They must provide internet at an inexpensive rate. This will increase people today belonging to the using net. At present SIM companies are carrying out very unjust with the consumers serving internet. They are acquiring high amount of money in terms of net. Most of the people happen to be out of taking the features of ICT because of high price of websites.
  • Network quality has to be improved. The bad quality of network is usually nothing but upsetting people. It is extremely annoying. There is also a lot of area in Bangladesh where scarcely get 2G mobile network.
  • The teaching program of Bangladesh is certainly not practical enough. That’s why student can’t excel in solving practical concerns. So , the teaching program should be even more practical which will help the students in working period.
  • Growing freelancing is important. The number of out of work people in our country is increasing everyday. Nowadays, persons can gain online staying at home through freelancing. This will help for being self-reliant. Broadening freelancing will certainly reduce lack of employment problem in Bangladesh in a thousands.
  • A lot of skilled and professional Bangladeshis in neuro-scientific ICT work in international countries. They were doing not get enough proper demand of them in this article. ICT sector should let them have proper space, treat all of them well and encourage them to work in Bangladesh.
  • To make ICT park. Government has already produced ICT Playground named THE BEST COMMERCIAL ICT Park which has improved the position of technology. Such ICT park can create a revolutionary change in technology expansion.
  • Professional training course is important. Creating different training institutes can be mandatory.
  • Government along with ICT industry should be concern regarding village people of Bangladesh. If they are able to pull the rural people toward ICT sector obviously this will create a great impact.
  • ICT industry should ask for government to reduce the electrical power problem. Due to the electricity difficulty correct use of technology cannot be done. In many villages of Bangladesh you cannot find any electricity of course, if there is electrical power load getting rid of occurs right away. So this problem should be set immediately.

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