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Welcome to this initial course in philosophy. Intended for our initially lesson, we are going to examine the question: What is viewpoint? There are 5 ways you can get to know what a self-discipline is: define it, explain it, distinction and compare it to disciplines, and ultimately experience it. In this initial lesson, all of us will aim to accomplish the first three or more of these activities. The rest of the training course will be a workout in going through philosophy. Responsibilities View and take paperwork of the business presentation, “Misconceptions about Philosophy.

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Read and take paperwork from phase 1 of Philosophy: Seriously Thinking about Foundational Beliefs, “What is Beliefs?  In, make sure you understand the following points and inquiries: * List 4 factors students typically presuppose a decreased view of philosophy. 2. Know Socrates’ quote: What is the unexamined life? What did this individual mean when he said this wasn’t well worth living? 2. Know the etymology of the word “philosophy.  * Understand the working definition of “philosophy and explain every single of its elements.

* List and make clear each of the 6 characteristics within the description of philosophy.

* Contrast and compare idea with religious beliefs, science, and art. How are they different and how light beer similar? 2. Explain the cost of experiential know-how in variation to propositional knowledge. Conditions Make sure you completely understand the following terms and concepts: * The unexamined lifestyle * The rational pet * Normative claim * Wisdom 5. Philosophy 5. Critical exam * Filtration * Approval * Analysis * Foundational beliefs| 2. Presupposition 5. First-order discipline * Second-order discipline 5. Ambiguous 5. Vague 5. Worldview 2. Scientism * Propositional know-how * Experiential knowledge|

¢List 4 factors students generally presuppose a decreased view of philosophy. 1 ) It’s the picture that one needs to be super-intelligent to do philosophy. 2 . As a self-control, most students research it later in their academic development, many take their first viewpoint class in college. several. Most people do not think it is very useful. 4. The reason is that student simply don’t know what it is or perhaps how is definitely can benefit them. ¢Know Socrates’ quote: “The unexamined a lot more not well worth living.  What is the unexamined lifestyle?

The unexamined life is to endure the movements of lifestyle without spending some time to echo and considercarefully what life is about. What do he indicate when he stated it wasn’t worth living? When Socrates claims that the unexamined a lot more not worth living, he could be saying that the unexamined a lot more a sub-human life-it is definitely the life of your lower creature, like a doggie or cow. ¢Know the etymology with the word “philosophy.  ¢Know the working definition of “philosophy and explain every single of its elements.

¢List and describe each of the six characteristics beneath the description of philosophy. ¢Contrast and review philosophy with religion, science, and artwork. How are that they different and just how are they related? ¢Explain the cost of experiential know-how in distinction to propositional knowledge. Conditions Make sure you completely understand the following conditions and principles: ¢The unexamined life- lifestyle as top marks animal for instance a dog or possibly a cow. ¢The rational animal- unlike other in the dog kingdom, guy has the ability to purpose and indicate about him self and the world around him.

(the intellectual abilities) ¢Normative claim- makes a claim about some actions, persons should do. (don’t lie and help each of our fellow man) ¢Wisdom- is definitely knowledge utilized in a way that benefits your life. ¢Philosophy- is reviewing life; is definitely the love of wisdom; is in fact the mixture of two conditions in Greeks: Phileo- is actually a Greek term for like, meant to exhibit great passion for anything and Sophos ” may be the word pertaining to “wisdom ¢Critical examination- evaluation of what is read or perhaps heard rather than taken for face value.

¢Clarification-the which means of the fact that was said. ¢Justification-what validate the real of this statement or remark. ¢Evaluation- the value of what one wishes clarity in. ¢Foundational beliefs- those that are central and fundamental to one’s general worldview however are often certainly not thought about. ¢Presupposition- are values one generally doesn’t think about or make an effort to prove. ¢First-order discipline ¢Second-order discipline ¢Ambiguous ¢Vague ¢Worldview ¢Scientism ¢Propositional knowledge ¢Experiential knowledge.


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