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Ahurastan has a inhabitants of 33 million, made up of 80% Azeri, 9% Kurd, and 11% other, which is 89% Shi’a and 10% Sunni.

Ahurastan was founded in 2019 plus the government is actually a military dictatorship.

The current Ahurastan president is definitely Piruz Dilanchi and the perfect minister is General Ali Kerimli.

The region is a terrorist sponsor that supports the South Azeri People’s Military services (SAPA) and places the country at possibilities with Azerbaijan. Ahurastan nautico vessels have got confronted Turkish and Azerbaijani oil exploration vessels in the Caspian Ocean but trade with Armenia continues.

The country appears to be building up its romantic relationship with Spain which markets arms to the Ahurastan armed forces.

Ahurastan also offers a number of nuclear facilities that Iran wish to reacquire.

Current U. S i9000. programs contain securing Caspian Sea paths through support of the Azerbaijani navy; establishing a diplomatic outpost, de-escalating the turmoil between Serbia and Ahurastan by reducing sanctions against Iran, and providing support against SAPA.

Because Ahurastan represents a threat to regional and global protection, a case could possibly be made to the UN, from which time the obligation to Protect (R2P) doctrine might be invoked, and support garnered for a NATO-led airstrike to destroy tactical military sites and infrastructure. This option is regarded as the optimal technique at present to isolate Ahurastan through collaborative international work.

In amount, the R2P intervention has proven efficiency in developing regime difference in Libya as well as the strategy is viable for application to Ahurastan.


Following independence via Iran, Ahurstan’s economy continues to be totally determined by natural gas from Turkmenistan and oil imports from Kazakhstan. Ahurastan claims ownership of any share of oil and gas supplies in the Caspian Sea. We have a potential for armed conflict with Iran over these issues. There’s also a regional threat to the BTC pipeline and Western passions in the place.

At present, Ahurastan is a terrorist state that has threatened the stability of the democratic nation of Azerbaijan. In addition , Ahurastan has become responsible for creating terror in the Caspian Ocean, providing support for the terrorist business SAPA, and threatening U. S. corporate and business interests about the BTC canal. In total, the Islamic fundamentalism that characterizes Ahurastan today offers caused the losing of innocent your life in Azerbaijan as well as the ex – Iranian territories currently busy by Ahurastan military pushes.

The current U. S. objective for Ahurastan is to create control in Azerbaijan as well as crucial oversight of Caspian Sea.

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Ahurastan remains primarily an agricultural contemporary society; however , some of the larger towns in the country take the path to industrialization. Presently, Ahurastan’s population is thirty-three, 000, 000 and its sales and marketing communications infrastructure can be stated owned and operated. There are 15 million cellular phone users, 12 television networks and several radio stations in the country.


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