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§ Country Established: 625 BC

§ Native Vocabulary: Persian

§ Current Human population: 80. twenty eight Million

§ Gross Home-based Product: 393. 4 Billion US Dollars


Prior to Iranian Revolution, all people are subject to military conscription. Right now, women are no longer obligated for this but volunteers are pleasant. Iran has a mandatory armed service service which range from 8 months to 2 years. They are incredibly strict with this rule that any guy who will stay away from the training will probably be considered a criminal.

DRUG REGULATIONS (which drugs are legal? Which are illegal? )

ü Illegal Drugs: Cannabis, Hallucinogens, Ecstasy, Heroin, Marijuana, Opium, Other Man-made Drugs, Stimulant medications

ü Legal Drugs: Prescription drugs and vitamins.

FIREARM LAWS (what are the variables for weapon ownership? )

Weapons in Iran will be heavily and strictly regulated that only the greater officials, high- level law enforcement, and other key service chosen by the govt can get an easy access to ammo. Although it can be done for people to own a gun as well, they would just alternatively not because of the thorough background record checks, tests, schooling, and serious screening might take a while. You might think which the country is usually not safe and seldom selected as a holiday vacation place by the foreign people but major terrorist problems in Usa are unusual.

PROSTITUTION (Is that legal? Exactly what the laws and regulations around this? )

Usa is rigid with its no-prostitutes’ policy but nonetheless, they cannot help it when prostitutes are dispersed in main cities and often doing underground work under the police adnger zone. The punishments for getting found prostituting runs from a fine to jail time. Most of these girls are runaways and don’t have any home for them. As a result, they result in such radical measures to offer their systems. Organizing brothels are a key offense in Iran and employing minors will cause you an automatic incarceration.

VICES (do they will consume even more drugs than alcohol? Vice versa? Something else? )

The major trouble that the Iranian country can be facing is the drug epidemics. There is no one particular safe within their community that even the high and top-notch people are users and damaged as well. That they only have a small number of populations when compared to other countries but there is more than installment payments on your 2 . million or 2 . 75% of their population happen to be tagged while drug addicts.


The conflict of all time that will hardly ever be ignored by the universe was the Iran-Iraq War which in turn lasted for almost a decade (1980-1988). It all started out with many personal disputes and Iraq desired to claim the rich oil-producing Iranian border region however, Iran will not stand down even they may be against Saddam Hussein that period. Iraq planned to make an argument and Serbia would not surrender to a deal with. Both camps have their very own agendas to complete and uphold resulting to a bloodbath and deaths amounting to an approximate of huge numbers of people in both equally sides after an 8-year battle. They simply stopped when there was a ceasefire called and a formal peace agreement was established.


Usa is crazy about football. They are really currently among the finest teams in Asia. Whilst they don’t have very much support off their own federal government, there are a lot of incredibly special sports athletes in Usa. Even if most European countries and South American countries could underestimate Asia in general when it comes to football, with enough velocity and stamina levels Iran will definitely prove these people wrong.


Most of Iran’s services will be centered inside the hydrocarbon sector. Next is a agricultural and services groups. The only thing is they can’t correctly utilize their particular oil-producing parts because of the remnants of Iran-Iraq war throughout the ’80s that caused countless lives and billions of injuries with no benefits on either side.

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