International Mother Language Day Essay

UNESCO’s declaration of 21st Feb . as the International Mom Language Working day has brought fresh glory and prestige to Bangladesh which can be making significant strides to peace, improvement and wealth at home and discharging foreign obligations in another country. After 1952, the people of Bangladesh have been completely observing each year the twenty-first day of February his or her glorious and unforgettable Language Martyrs Day time. What happened on 21st March 1952 is widely known. Nonetheless let us very briefly recount the fateful happenings of that day plus the circumstances that led to and followed all of them.

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In August 1947, a new state called Pakistan, comprising two far-flung wings in the west and east, separated by 1600 kilometers of foreign territory, emerged within the world map. The ideological basis of that strange sensation was the ludicrous and pernicious two land theory of Mr. Jinnah that dismissed such standard elements since language and culture and considered religious beliefs as a relationship strong and sufficient enough to transform a people into a nation. The language in the people of eastern side of Pakistan, and they had been the majority, was Bangla. It had a abundant tradition of literature of over a thousands of years.

The Bangalees as well had a highly developed traditions that got little in accordance with the traditions of the people of traditional western wing of Pakistan. The Bangalees like for and attachment with their language and culture were great and once in 1952 the neo-colonial, power-hungry, pompous rulers of Pakistan declared that ‘Urdu and Urdu alone would be the state language of Pakistan, they sowed the seeds of future disintegration. The people of the then simply East Pakistan, particularly the students, rose in angry demonstration against the aggresive undemocratic designs of the government.

These designs actually amounted to the destruction of Bangla language and tradition and imp?t of the vocabulary and lifestyle of the people of european wing for the people of eastern side. The reaction was strong and spontaneous. The us government decided to quell protests by brute force. The police opened fire on 21st February 1952 on unarmed peaceful protesters, most of to whom were college students, resulting in the death, among others, of Rafiq, Barkat, Jabbar and Salam.

As this news of those deaths spread, the complete people of the eastern wing felt greatly included emotionally. Those who lost their lives to uphold the prestige protect the privileges of their mother-language became hallowed martyrs. Coming from 1953 onwards, starting from 21st February 1953, the immortal 21st February has been observed as a great national event all over Bangladesh, and also past the frontiers of Bangladesh: in several spots of India, UK, USA, Canada and elsewhere, where ever there is a considerable concentration of Bangla speaking people.

But so long, it has been mainly a national event of Bangladesh. But with the declaration of 21st February as the International Mom Language Time, it has transcended the national borders of Bangladesh and acquired a major international significance and a global sizing. The statement made by the UNESCO in November 99 designating twenty-first February because the Worldwide Mother Vocabulary Day provides placed Bangladesh on the ethnical map on the planet with a remarkably positive image.

We, people of Bangladesh, should right now do everything that we can to help develop each of our mother dialect Bangla in most branches of knowledge so that it may play a worthy role in the community of world different languages. We shall like, cherish and promote Bangla, our own mother language, although we shall not really indulged in a kind of chauvinism. While devotedly serving our very own language, we shall respect the languages of all the peoples worldwide make twenty-first February – The Intercontinental Mother Vocabulary Day – a great day, to be seen worldwide inside the new 100 years and the centuries that we have just lately stepped into.

Long live twenty first February the International Mother Language Time!

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