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A. Introduction

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Sari-sari store is a term used inside the Philippines intended for small convenience store. It really is from the tagalog word “sari-sari” which means “variety”. Such stores form significant economic and social location in the Philippine community. It is present in virtually all neighborhoods, occasionally in every avenue.

The store can often be attached to or part of the owner’s house but it really may also be a freestanding retail store just before the owner’s property. Many shops have marketing material together with the store name on the signboards.

Sari-sari retailers vary in look but they all possess certain attributes in common. Initially, the customers tend not to enter the retail store during the deal. It is only by using a small windowpane and sometimes very low long counter-top in front.

Goods are being shown by clinging some of it from the ceiling, or it could be on the walls and in entrance of the retail outlet to save space and so that items are always seen by simply customers.

Candies and also other small things sold by pieces are placed in clear jars and therefore are arranged typically in front. A lighter is definitely tied to a string, getting hung up and displayed before the small window or countertop. Often it is not necessarily possible for every kind of item in the store can be displayed, although customers may be assured that the most basic requirements are available.

The storekeeper holds back for customers within the store. Sometimes, benches and tables are usually provided in-front. The cover of the window or the front side portion of your local store is being positioned above if the store is definitely open. It really is being brought down to cover the windowpane or the entrance portion of a store when the store is shut down.

Sari-sari shops sell several everyday essentials in small packages or perhaps by bits, a practice called “tingi” by Filipinos. For instance, hair shampoo can be purchased certainly not by container or by simply dozen however it is by sachet. There are small packets of just about every frequently needed item. Most of the goods are sold by simply pieces.

The sari-sari stores also let credit purchases from devoted customers. It truly is called “suki” in tagalog (repeat consumers known to the owners). The owners usually keep a record of their customers’ spectacular balances over a notebook and demand payments on paydays.

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