Introduction to Personal Development in Health Essay

1 ) 1 Illustrate the tasks and responsibilites of individual role My personal role should be to ensure We treat my clients as individuals, ensuring they always feel secure and at relieve when I was around and doing my personal care, We make sure I actually read the care plan every day for each consumer to see if anything at all has changed as I have last been in right now there. I i am responsible in making sure all my clients will be looked after to a brilliant normal ensuring they are always satisfied with the attention I give them, keeping them clean by doing personal care and assisting with needs in the event that they need help such as, having dressed, scrubbing teeth and combing hair treating the person with value and keeping their pride at all times, ensuring they are eating and drinking properly and having enough diet in their diet plan.

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If needed I will support individuals to administrate medication , prompting them if perhaps they do that theirselves so they don’t forget too. Keeping the area clean and safe, making sure I tidy up after my personal and my own client and so they are always in a hygenic surrounding desposing of issues in the correct way, constantly wearing my personal protective garments incase of cross contimation and encouraging these people when I can easily ensuring that they remain independant and strengthened. It is my own duty to report anything necessary to my own manager, if my consumer is disappointed, if I feel my client is changing or turning out to be ill We make sure My spouse and i inform my personal manager.

Lastly I need to be sure I are up to date using courses and training to be sure my clientele are safe always and I am not employing poor practice in my work place. 1 . 2 What standards influence the role as being a carer plus the way you carry out the duties Many of them influence my own role such as: 1 . three or more Describe methods you make certain that personal thinking or beliefs do not obstruct the quality of your job Firstly bear in mind everyone is an individual and nobody is exactly the same as you, you may have a person that has values you do not have confidence in but you will need to keep this kind of to yourself as its not fair to them to feel as though the actual believe in is usually questioned or perhaps wrong and don’t allow your own personal feelings get in the way of performing correctly and work in a means that helps their needs and beliefs.

Try to understand the individual a little more, understanding their history and their beliefs letting them describe it to you this will help you to know a lot more about them and make it easier to find out their likes and dislikes because of the belief don’t judge the individual to get believing about what they do simply empathise with them and show you understand and you respect them and their philosophy. 2 . you Explain so why reflecting on practice is a crucial way to produce knowledge, expertise and practice It’s important because you are going to develop even more on the things you already know and pay attention to and develop on the things you don’t find out you will learn not to make mistakes you may have made in yesteryear and you will learn where improvement is needed which will make you even more effecient at the job function you do and alot more self-confident to do so in knowing how so when to use the abilities you have picked up on and put them into practice.

3. you What causes of support can be obtained to you for your own personel learning and development? I could find causes of support inside workplace and outside of the workplace, inside the place of work I have I have regular supervisions, this is then an declaration of me in the work place, in the direction meeting the senior employee will show me how they believe I am doing, showing me what I am carrying out right and also telling me how I may improve in my workplace and things I could work on to raised how I are at work. You can also get regular meetings so we can do fresh courses which have come in or perhaps renew courses we have already done so each of our knowledge is often up to date.

Away from work place I really could go to the library to widen my learning ability in the workplace or I could do research around the internet. three or more. 2 Identify the process to get agreeing your own development plan You consult with a older member of staff that has watched you and you go over your improvments that need to be manufactured and plans on how to meet up with those objectives and the activites that follows just like reviews and assesments that you both acknowledge.

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