Is Government Responsible for the Disadvantaged? Essay

In My Opinion The Government IS Responsible For The Disadvantaged. The us government Should Be Held Responsible For The Poverty Level In This Country Because They Are The One’s Allowing It To Be In the Level That It’s By Right Now.

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In the event They Truly Were Concerned About The American People They Would Do More About It. Certainly We Have Treatment To “Guarantee” That The Elderly Who Can Stay away from Affordable Insurance, Since They Are The Sickest Group, Have Access To Basic Medical Care. All of us Also Have Medical planning To Cover The Medical Cost Of Those Also Poor To obtain Insurance Or Pay For Necessary Care.

Aka A Government- Controlled- General Health- Insurance Scheme. Even though We Have These types of Programs Available For Some In case the Government Wasn’t So Money grubbing And Self-centered The Programs Would Be Available For All In Need Not Just All those The Government Sees Fit. Rather than Helping Overseas Countries By Supplying Associated with Food, Normal water, And Shield, The American Government Should Start At Home Throughout America! There are many Families, Males, Woman, And Children Whom Go Starving In This Nation Every Day.

A lot of Don’t Possess Shelter During The Best And The Worst From the Four Seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, And Fall. Others Don’t Include Running Water To Bath In Let Alone Drink. The Help Must Start At Residence Before Advancing A “Helping Hand” Abroad. The Government Can be Allowing The Poor To Be Poorer And The Abundant To Obtain Richer. They Are The Ones Who Should Be Responsible To Fix The condition Of This Countries Economic Situation.

The federal government Should Give The Disadvantaged People With this Country As they are The Ones The reason for Their Drawbacks. “When A person Tells You He Got Rich Through Effort, Ask Him: Whose? “- Don Marquis. The More Status/Power Men Have Over Other Guys The Better For The Men In Electricity. People In Power Make False Promises And Notify Lies To The Less Fortunate In order to Remain In Electrical power. The Government Should certainly Provide Even more Job Opportunities, Among Other Things, Intended for The American People.

America Needs Help From Its Govt But The Government Doesn’t Seem to be Very Willing To Help. The American Economy Can be Heading Down hill And Continues to be For Quite Sometime. They And They By itself Should Be Organised Accountable For Your debt Of This Country, The Poverty, The Economy, The War(s), The Taxes, And so forth The Government Owes It Towards the American People To Fix The issues That Have Occurred During The Past And The Present To Ensure A Better Foreseeable future For All.

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