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Task Analysis as well as Job Description

Job examination

Undercover Supervisor: Season you, Episode two: Hooters Inc.

Coby Brooks, the Leader and CEO of Hooters Inc. goes undercover inside the company’s eating places to inspect the operations, basic activities, worker behaviors, and management designs without disclosing his identification in front of any individual. Coby Brookes hides his identity by cleaning out his goatee facial beard and has on glasses to look to some degree different. He spends five days in different Hooters restaurants and work with different people from several organizational amounts and task positions. During these five days, he observes several positive and negative issues happening in the restaurants. The next section reveals a description of two task positions coming from Hooters restaurants and following comparison and job evaluation for these positions.

Job Position 1: Restaurant Marketer

On the second day, Coby Brooks was required to work with two girls who were employed in the Sales and Marketing division of the firm. The girls, Amanda and Brittney were mainly responsible to market the restaurant’s business in the locality and adjacent areas by wandering in the marketplaces and streets and providing free samples of boneless side to the passers. Their task responsibilities as well required these to look pros and real representatives of the restaurant string. First of all, that they had to wear exceptional dresses of Hooters’ regular brand shades, i. e. orange and white. Secondly, they needed to present themselves as pleasant and attractive personalities. It is because they had to immediately interact with the actual customers from the restaurant. Greeting these consumers with laugh and seeking them to make an effort Hooters’ boneless wings and beer had been the major requirements of their job.

Amanda and Brittney were not the only two business marketers for the organization; there was a specialized staff in the Sales and Marketing section. However , Coby Brooks, while an Private Boss spent his whole day inside the streets and markets with the two mentioned here girls only.

Job Examination: Restaurant Promoter

The job positions held by Amanda and Brittney were at the lower ( non-managerial ) level in the cafe. This position generally requires good communication and interpersonal abilities. As far as cafe business promoters are concerned, they have to be highly friendly and pleasant in their behavior to enable them to convince the customers to try the foods or beverages offered by all their company.

Current Job Duties:

Amanda and Brittney are not only accountable to attract consumers by offering free of charge beer and boneless wings samples, nevertheless also persuade them to modify their diet plan in case they cannot like junk food or dark beer beverages. This job is far more often known as sales representatives, business development, or perhaps business campaign; and sometimes adjoined with customer services section in the businesses, and thus, known as customer product sales representatives.

Job Description

Social Qualities:

Different important social skills which restaurant marketers need to possess include dynamism, ability to make a good impression, good relationship-building skills, exceptional tolerance to stress, thoroughness and organizational skills, good salesmanship skills and aptitude pertaining to communication, and physical confrontation to work long hours inside or beyond the office in the event required by the supervisors or perhaps immediate companies (Alonzo, 2007). An ideal prospect must have good aptitude to get sales and customer solutions and need to have interest in making his or her career in the same field (Zoltners, Sinha, Lorimer, 2009).

Professional Skills:

Business promotion representatives must also possess strong marketing analysis skills. These skills are necessary for them to check and brief the future market potential in the modern target marketplaces to their Revenue managers. In addition, they must come with an in-depth knowledge of the revenue territory which usually comes from understanding the market mechanics, i. e. social, social, demographic, and economic patterns (Sommerville, 2007).

Business promo officers should also be able examine the consumer tendencies in the current concentrate on markets, i. e. they have to keep in see the likes and dislikes from the customers according to aforementioned advertising dynamics (Alonzo, 2007; Surprise, Bowen, Stefanelli, 2004). Regarding Hooters restaurants, the UnderCover Boss Coby Brooks recognized the fact that female customers do not like the restaurant in any way due to bad of their male or female in the company. On the other hand, man consumers truly fond of the beer and boneless wings offered by this restaurant sequence. Business creation officers need to understand this factor and talk it as being a big business problem to the higher officials (Zoltners, Sinha, Lorimer, 2009).

Job-Related Expertise:

Moreover, they must also possess a complete knowledge of the products and services to become promoted for the potential clients. The most essential info which they should have in hand all the time is; ingredients used in the foods and beverage products, range of prices and price cut offers, precise location of the restaurants, time and day agendas in different eating places, and cost-free samples (if any) (Shock, Bowen, Stefanelli, 2004). Finally, these professionals ought to maintain in touch with their old clientele for the purposes of having feedback regarding the company’s services and products and building long-term romantic relationship with these kinds of clients which can be the key to success for just about any type of organization (Zoltners, Sinha, Lorimer, 2009).

Educational Degree:

Ideally, a small business promotion police officer should be a college or university graduate who may have studied most core training in the field of organization management; especially in sales and marketing areas. However , under-graduate people with a lot of hand-on experience in prospective; or 6-month to two year diploma in vocational research in specialist sales and marketing studies can also be regarded as for the job positions of restaurant business promoters (Sommerville, 2007).

Job 2: Basic Manager (Restaurant Operations)

The 3rd day, Coby Brooks performed as the assistant manager of the general administrator, named Jimbo at a restaurant. Staying the general director, Jimbo was responsible to oversee all types of restaurant procedures – from employees’ doing work options, cafe environment, and employee consistent inspection for the restaurant administration and assessment of marketing activities at large. Jimbo has been shown as a mixed character; having a inappropriate heart that disgraces his female workers without any purpose, while at the same time, an extremely professional one who really wants his restaurant business to grow in the market with a more rapid speed.

Job Research: General Director (Restaurant Operations)

Current Job Responsibilities:

Coming from job examination of the content of general manager (restaurant operations), the most known thing may be the authority and power which usually this person owns in his corporation. General Director is a content at larger (managerial) level position inside the company. Consequently , a general administrator enjoys complete command and authority in the area. This individual oversees all types of restaurant procedures and is primarily responsible to show better and better sales and detailed performance with each passing year (Sommerville, 2007).

Additionally , he retains an eye on the employees’ working choices and restaurant work environment, e. g. Time and day time schedules of each employee, atmosphere of the cafe, time and day time schedules of the restaurant, foods and drink items to be offered, promotional offers and discount or price-cut policies, and others.

Work Description

An over-all manager should highly qualified, skilled, and experienced professional. For managing the typical operations of the restaurant, the overall managers should be experienced in neuro-scientific fast food organization or in hospitality industry. At least a Experts level qualification is necessary to achieve this position in addition to obtaining various certificates and proven records of achieving product sales targets or managing procedures of a large size organization. More regularly, companies favor those general managers who have exposure in the same sector and in a similar geographical restrictions. Reason staying, such experts are better able to understand the changing market mechanics and consumer behavioral patterns (Saiyadain, 2009).

Additionally, a general administrator must possess strong decision making, analytical, interpersonal, and management skills to be able to oversee the operations in the whole cafe or a sequence of eating places. He must also have a soft corner in his heart for his employees.

Methods of Collecting Details:

For task analysis and discussion, data has been accumulated through marketplace surveys and literature review. The market survey included your five fast food restaurants as the sample by which restaurant managers and business promotion officials, sales officials, or customer services staff were interviewed about their important job responsibilities and jobs within their current organization. Furthermore, they were wanted to give their very own opinion on the minimum certification, experience, and skills necessary to obtain all those particular positions. Finally, we were holding requested to say some honest and legal matters which in turn every worker must respect while performing his work responsibilities inside or outside the organization. The literature review was done to have an complex understanding of both job positions analyzed in the paper.


On the basis of interviews, market study, and materials review, it could be said with complete confidence that the work analysis and job information made in the prior sections are compliant with the State and Federal regulations on Professional relations managing. For example , the minimum degree required for revenue representative or perhaps business advertising officers is suggested to be graduation (Saiyadain

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