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Many Witch Hunter: An Analysis of Paul McCarthy

While flexibility is one of the bottom tenets of America seeing that her creation, there have been instances in history through which this concept has not been necessarily upheld. In our more contemporary history, probably the most stark types of this can be seen in the American quest to prevent subversion and engagement in communist opinion. Out of this determination to quit the spread of communism on the residence front increased one of Many most notable antagonists- Joseph McCarthy. Ruthless in the efforts to out household communist involvement, McCarthy terrorized the nation beneath the guise of patriotism


Joseph McCarthy

A senator coming from Wisconsin, McCarthy rose to prominence following his deliverance of a presentation in which this individual asserted that he held the names of 205 governmental employees which were associated with the Communism Party (Simkin, 2015). This metaphorically put him inside the public spot light, and in blend with the new spread of Communism through parts of Asia, garnered him the position of chairman for the Government Committee on Procedures of the Senate. It was during his time acting while chairman that his investigation into subversive activities ensued.

The Witch Hunt

The innovations in Asia regarding the distributed of Communism created a feeling of urgency in safeguarding the homefront from subversion. McCarthy engaged in interrogation and investigation of people who were deemed a potential threat. The processes he and his committee utilized were hardly truth based, plus the manner in which they were conducted attained the image of the witch look so to speak. Their particular quest to clear America of Communism has not been limited to sniffing out people alone, McCarthy also had several 1000s of publications taken out of stores and libraries as a result of being written by people associated with Communism or perhaps because the content supposedly backed Communist ideology.

McCarthy’s reign of terror held up for about two years, till he began asking alledging communism infiltration of the United States Military. The first time, his exigence were televised, enlightening the public on the coercive and illogical proceedings that had been transpiring (Simkin, 2015). McCarthy’s inquiries come to the point that they can were seen because more detrimental to society than Communism alone. Not only do the inquiry into the military effectively produce the disapproval of the Chief executive, but the courtroom of open public opinion discovered McCarthy doing being in lots of ways a malevolent and underhanded man.



McCarthy’s tactics in revendication regarding communist association were at best underhanded. He created each inquiry with the assumption that the interviewee was responsible, regardless of contrary information, and was persistent in his assault until the individual named other people that were active in the Communist Party (Simkin, 2015). What is and so severe concerning this behavior is that it disregards the constitutional legal rights of the American people. Underneath the constitution, we as people are granted protections up against the deprivation of liberty without due method. McCarthy’s strategies and deprieved those this individual accused of their rights into a just trial before getting labled as guilty. Also, by censoring publications towards the exent this individual did, McCarthy is arguably doing violating the First Change, Freedom of Speech. Not merely is thiss unethical, nonetheless it is by all means illegitimate according to the justice specifications.

Another ethical anxiety about how these types of proceedings had been conducted simply by McCarthy is that there was simply no legitimate data to indicate reputable accusations. Your initial report that McCarthy used as the inspiration for his campaign was issued by Secretary of State several years previous, and many in the individuals detailed were not linked to communism, but instead suggested on the list because of perceived deviant behavior (Simkin, 2015). Additionally , the majority of succeeding names McCarthy produced had been simply the consequence of coercing persons into naming more people as being connected with communism. Today, we would understand this as basically circumstantial facts or heresay, while McCarthy presented it as incriminating evidence.

In other ethical regards, it truly is arguable that Joseph McCarthy insighted an unnecessary worry regarding the home Communist menace. Of the 205 names this individual initially believed to have, just about 50 had been actually discovered to have virtually any ties for the Communist Get together. This hyperbole garnered him authority that will likely not have been given got he been more responsile in his initial reporting. In retrospect, this severely injuries his believability.


Many of the persons accused primarily were found to have no ties to Communism, yet instead were found to engage in doubtful behaviors such as alcoholism or deviant sex behaviors. Inside the 1950’s this referred more to lgbt behavior rather than the types of deviancy we would think of today. Joseph McCarthy and other users of his committee were known to participate in homosexual relations, and McCarthy had observed alcoholic tendencies (Simkin, 2015). In this respect, it appears that he targeted a group of people that he quickly could have been linked to.


The beauty of record is that it provides us the opportunity to look as well as identify previous issues and learn from them. When looking back within the era of McCarthyism and Joseph McCarthy himself it is easy to initially lable him while misguidedly “trying to do the best thing the wrong way”. However , upon deeper reflection, it truly is evident this is not the case. McCarthy knowing violated tenets of our constitution and persecuted people unjustly. He essentially terrorized society with all the looming danger of a destructive accusation and perpetuated a great exaggerated matter to world. It is because of his willful disregard and irresponsible actions that we must not make standard excuses for him. Instead, we need to accept that McCarthy was a blight in our post-WWII history, a demagogue who mistreated power to support the nation in a persistant point out of anxiety unnecessarily.

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