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The voyage to America was distinct for all types of foreign nationals. Some came from Asia, a few from European countries, some via Latin America. Each experienced unique hardships and problems along the way. For a few it was an event filled with shock, and for other folks it was an experience filled with hope. This paper will compare and contrast the experiences of six distinct readings by simply six several immigrants to explore the nature from the journey to America that each immigrant knowledgeable.

From Vietnam

Vo Thi Tam explains to the story of emigrating to America among the many vessel people who fled the Communism takeover of South Vietnam following the pullout of American soldiers at the end with the Vietnam Battle. As a refugee, the migration process was fraught with perils: the threat of pirates for sea, the threat of starvation or perhaps death coming from dehydration, the threats by others who did not consider kindly to refugees in the camps that had been set up to simply accept them. Tams story can be described as nightmarish 1.

The description of the renardière camps is very telling with the types of conditions encountered: There was not any housing, simply no facilities, nothing. It was currently full near to the beach, therefore we had to… make some sort of short-term shelter (42). It shows that for immigrants fleeing a problematic environment, the risks of finding no shield en route to America were well worth iteven if it meant facing the components and braving threats to ones very existence.

Crossing the Edge

The situation was much different via Marilyn Davis, who described the process of migrants from Mexico to the U. S. a procedure in which the against the law immigrants actually had anything of a network of various other immigrants after whom that they could rely: family or friends through the border who would assist them with support in their pueblo neighborhoods. It was far from the complete desolation and lack of support that Tam found when he and his friends and family sought to flee their home in South Vietnam. For Tam, the voyage was just about only surviving and trying to keep kinds head above water while a single hoped for refuge in America. Intended for the illegal immigrants defined by Davis, the experience was different: it was about leaving a way of existence that was important to one because it was what one particular knew hoping of protecting a better way of life in the unknown world of America. To them America was your symbol of opportunity and a new life (Davis 51). It was something which one wished if one was in Mexicoand it was a thing that one experienced one could touch base and obtain with family member ease, compared to the journey that Tam took. Tam, originating from halfway around the globe faced thunderous travails. The illegal foreign nationals coming from South america faced a single big hurdlegetting across the line without getting caught, and after that ones network could help with the rest, so long as one acquired such a network.

Visiting America

Njeri tells the storyline of the Iranian immigrant whom fled persecution in Iran and reached America: Doctor Hassan Shahbaz, one of Irans leading Persian literary students and transmitted personalities ahead of

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for the New World where there is so very much promise. Yet his history is certainly not the same as that of the Mexican immigrants or the Jewish people who originated in Russia and also the Trinidad lady whose future is unfamiliar but not probably be so encouraging. Bradfords account of being an immigrant is not actually like any different immigration history because there is you do not need him to fit in or adapt. The land can be his: this individual and his people certainly do have to adapt to a new way of life, but they do not need to change their very own identities how a Jews was required to change theirs in order to easily fit in or the approach the People in mexico have to hide theirs since they are illegal.

Bradfords story provides hope mainly because for him the future plus the land was wide open. There was no cause to be scared. There were don’t worry about it about would you oppose his entry or how he’d get around. There was simply no fear about who would become there to receive him: having been a chief excutive. He had measurement. He had value. His place was readied and holding out.

For Tam, who originated from Vietnam, this was not the case. Pertaining to Jasmine, the lady had to break across the boundary because the America that Liverpool came to had changed considerably by the time Jasmine came and there was no hint or even similarity with respect to her finding the boundary to his coming to the newest World. Bradfords was uniquebut they all had unique activities because these were all originating from

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