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Excerpt from Term Paper:

In Atlanta, close to fourty of Kaiser Permanente members are African-American, in The hawaiian islands over 50 % of Kaiser associates are possibly of Asian or Hawaii descent, in addition to Southern California twenty-four percent of members are Latino, with an additional 14 percent of members in the area identifying because African-American (Chong 2002). This kind of diversity displays a strong determination to social awareness and the respect for every individual affected person that Kaiser holds in its core.

Services Offered

The essential services made available from Kaiser Duradera were layed out above, nevertheless a more comprehensive look at these services is essential to come to a real understanding of the organization. Essentially, the company offers equally an insurance-like pre-payment software for medical treatment and it is connected to (though it will not technically operate) physicians’ groupings that provide attention paid for by the pre-payment (Kaiser Permanente 2011). The company also directly functions hospitals in a few regions, which will provide not for profit care to members (Kaiser Permanente 2011).

When it comes to the medical providers that Kaiser Permanente provides, the list is simply all-encompassing of anything any person might want to seek out medical attention or advice for. Kaiser Recurrente offers a wide variety of healthy lifestyle programs, and members can seek the advice of nutritionists, a lot of alternative medicine professionals, physical counselors, and a hose of other experts in addition to primary and acute proper care physicians (Kaiser Permanente 2011). There isn’t a common medical support that Chef Permanente does not offer in certain fashion, even though the Kaiser Foundation will not operate hospitals in every location the company as a whole does have the capabilities to supply hospital treatment to all of its people (Kaiser Permanente 2011). The actual concept of the business was as a full-service establishment that provides every thing individuals need to lead healthy lives whilst also attending to the transaction processing system, and this is usually stil what the company aims for.

Bottom line

Kaiser Permanente is one of the largest healthcare agencies in the country, and in addition operates on a very different style from a great many other healthcare organizations. The success the company provides seen suggest ways intended for the healthcare industry all together to make adjustments, which makes the company an excellent one to examine. The efficiency, wholeness of treatment, and the usage of all facets of the organization generate it both an unusual and an exciting health-related organization now. Even without transitioning to such an integrated system, all healthcare organizations may do well being more like Kaiser.


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