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Chekhov compared his character types to a child who is only starting to understanding a new strategy and meaning of love, leading him to increase evaluate himself not just being a lover to Anna, but as a man and individual when he appears to Anna and other persons:

He had two lives: a single, open, viewed and known by almost all who cared to knowand another existence running its course in secret everything that was essential, of interest and value to himwas concealed from other people; and all that was fake in himall that was open.

When Gurov accepted and known the hypocritical life he led simply by carrying on a love affair with Anna whilst still coping with his better half, Anna continued to be confused and uncertain about herself and her fan in Oates’ redevelopment of Chekhov’s initial short story. Created to complete the lacking information on events surrounding Anna and her lover’s affair in Chekhov’s story, Oates’ the Lady with all the Pet Dog primarily centers on Anna’s thoughts and thoughts throughout the affair. In Ould -, Oates developed a contemporary spin to Chekhov’s story, albeit the plot and important events in the original account remained and were highlighted by looking at Anna’s life and point-of-view of the events that occurred between her and her lover. Obvious was Oates’ use of ‘friend’ as reference to Anna’s enthusiast instead of straight naming him, which additional reinforced the very fact that the account was everything regarding Anna.

Coordintaing with Chekhov’s story, particularly it is ending, Oates developed an even more definitive end to her story: despite all of the confusion and uncertainty she felt over the affair, Ould – achieved clearness in the end. The same as Chekhov’s Gurov, Anna finally acknowledged that she in fact loves her lover, though she has denied him often times in her mind. This kind of acceptance was mirrored in this flood of realization by Anna: “she did not hate him, the girl did not hate herself anymore it was evident to her that she had, all along, been acting correctly” (371).

These being and realizations make up a total love story between Anna and Gurov (in Oates case, Anna’s friend/lover): Gurov’s acceptance in the ‘wrongness’ of his relationship and Anna’s realization that her affair was actually a proper behavior for her meant that all their love affair features transcended morality towards pure love between your two. The very fact that the two Anna and Gurov felt right about their feelings for every single other demonstrate the ‘rightness’ of their relationship, defined using their own understanding and connection with love, adoring and enthusiasts.


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