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Heart Issues

Lars seems to have solid issues with the heart. He’s emotionally shut off and distant on the current time with his fiancee, Jennifer. This can be due to his conservative parental input. It will be vital that you find out what type of environment this individual grew up in and what his function in the friends and family was. His ambivalence about his forthcoming marriage fantastic withdrawal from Jennifer can be due to actual or perceived disapproval coming from his old-fashioned Lutheran parents about marrying a woman who may be divorced. This kind of rift, if true or not, might cause a wonderful strain for Lars’ heart well-being. It can possibly be Lars’ own disapproval of his pending marriage to a divorced woman. If this sounds the case, he may or may not definitely realize it at this time.

Relational Issues

Lars appeared to function with comparable ease and comfort in his relationship with Jennifer while it was long-distance and informal. It seems that Lars enjoys the advantages of his camaraderie with Jennifer but is usually fearful of and hesitant to make a more formal, serious commitment just like marriage. This individual describes his childhood as a relatively easy childhood growing in the mountains of Germany nevertheless he would not go into specifics. He does mention his periodic struggles with depression and his parents’ refusal to consider him for medical or perhaps psychological help. This may cause him a lot of anger and/or resentment around this. Lars does not talk about his romantic relationship with his father and mother in any way; it will probably be important to übung into this matter during his treatment.

Physical Issues

Lars does not manage to have virtually any physical problems that need to be resolved medically at this point other than his depression. He mentions happenings of depressive disorder going dating back to he can remember. This suggests that his despression symptoms is a medical issue. It will probably be of utmost importance to determine if his depression is chemically induced or situational or possibly both, and to deal with his depressive disorder with the correct medication.

Making clear Questions

Group of Origin: Were Lars’ father and mother emotionally expressive? How were feelings talked about in his home? Were his parents excessively strict or perhaps did that they dole away harsh physical punishments? When did Lars move out of his parents’ home? Is definitely current marriage with his parents satisfying to him? Is definitely his family supportive of his marital life to Jennifer? How do that they feel about Lars marrying a lady who has recently been wedded and divorced? Is there a family history and ancestors of depression or any various other psychiatric health issues or disorder? Did Lars notice virtually any psychiatric symptoms in his father and mother while growing up which may have been unacknowledged and therefore untreated? Or in any other family members?

Past Relationships: Has Lars had virtually any serious or long-term relationships in the past? When justin was 37, how come has Lars never committed? How would Lars communicate in his previous relationship(s)? For what reason did his past relationship(s) end?

Friendships: Who does Lars spend time with? Who did this individual spend time with in Germany? Truly does Lars include any social support within the community? How does Lars communicate within the context of your friendship? Does he have got anyone that they can talk to, bedsides Jennifer?

Community and Social Involvement: Exactly what his interests? What does he do in his spare time? Just for fun? What offers Lars enjoyment? What might Lars enjoy for fun that he will not currently perform?

Past and Current Symptoms: What are Lars’ symptoms of major depression? Can Lars describe his average depression? his most severe depression? How would this individual rate his functioning during these times? How long does Lars’ periods of depression last? Does this individual notice a pattern to his major depression? Has this individual ever believed suicidal? attempted to commit suicide? Is Lars currently feeling suicidal?

Previous and Current Treatment: What medication(s) is definitely Lars at present taking? Are these prescription drugs helping to alleviate his major depression? What medicines has he taken in earlier times? Have any of these past medications been helpful? Is there any element of counseling that he features participated in past treatment been helpful? What are his current anticipations and desired goals for treatment?

Potential Problems

There are many areas in Lars’ history that have any to cause problems in his treatment. His stringent Lutheran upbringing and the method his parents responded to his depression as a child – we. e. refusing to take him for treatment, ostensibly for spiritual reasons – may cause Lars to avoid the treatment method. Any specialist or treatment provider may have to reassure Lars that psychiatric treatment is a valid medical process and this his difficulties with depression aren’t sinful neither do problems represent a punishment by God. The second area of concern is his job as a cultural worker. A large number of people with this profession usually approach and participate in treatment in an excessively intellectualized way. Lars most likely has had a lot of, if not extensive, psychiatric training, but it will surely be important for him to understand how to approach his own treatment process as being a patient instead of a professional interpersonal worker.

DSMIV Diagnostic Info

Lars’ regular history of depressive episodes seeing that childhood and his fiancee Jennifer’s description of him – very taken, walking little by little with a bowed posture, possessing a persistent pessimistic attitude, answering her with only one- or two-word answers and refusing to enjoy, take strolls with her, or even emerge from the bedroom – indicate a great Axis I diagnosis of one of the Major Depressive Disorders, Repeated, most likely moderate to severe. Lars would not revealed any kind of psychotic symptoms. It is possible that he may also fit the diagnostic requirements for 309 Adjustment Disorder with Despondent Mood or perhaps 309. 5 Adjustment Disorder with Merged Disturbance of Emotions and Conduct, because this despondent mood, disagreement with and reluctance to marry Jennifer began when he moved to America from Germany. He states that he has had a horrible time adapting to his new home and is very self-conscious about his ability to speak and browse English. A great Axis III diagnosis of 301. 82 Avoidant Personality Disorder may also be built, due to the approach that Lars seems to need to end his engagement to Jennifer rather than discussing and working out their particular problems although treating his depression; further details will have to be provided to make this diagnosis.

Formal Counseling Plan

Suicide Risk Level

Lars is at a moderate to high risk level for suicide. He just moved to another country and mention any kind of friends or support group inside his new community. His fiancee Jennifer’s description of him implies a seriously depressed feeling. He should be strongly questioned about any suicidal ideation, and may need to be hospitalized if perhaps he is unable to convincingly reject thoughts of suicide. This individual should be place on a contract to stop suicide and monitored frequently until his depression starts to dissipate. Any further symptoms of or perhaps increased severity in depression may justify hospitalization in the future to prevent Lars from damaging himself.

Advised Biblical Passages

“Come in my experience, all of you who have are careful and carry heavy problems, and I provides you with rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me coach you on, because My spouse and i am simple and gentle in mind, and you will get rest to your souls. Pertaining to my yoke is easy to deal with, and the burden I provide you with is mild. ” Matt 11: 28-30. This verse relates to Lars’ weariness in experiencing continual depression throughout his lifestyle. It will help to remind Lars that he is a much loved child of God and this his Goodness will never provide him burdens that he cannot handle. Each of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who chatted these terms to His disciples, also meant them to give power to all of the people who

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