Love and mental health in cosi by louis nowra

Cosi is a play written by Louis Nowra. I will be using two speeches chosen from the play to explain how a playwright uses emotive vocabulary to show the characters thoughts, views and feelings regarding issues in the play. Both speeches I am focusing on are; Act two Scene a couple of This is a conversation between Lewis and Lucy of their views on appreciate and Lucy’s infertility. And. Act you Scene 4 Which is a dialogue between Lewis, Nick and Henry regarding the Japanese war.

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The themes I use chosen happen to be love and mental health.

Love in Cosi is usually portrayed through the characters distinct views on the topic. Some believe falling deeply in love with a faithful partner is very important; others think love can be pointless and is also only based on sexual associations rather than emotional connections. You may clearly discover these differences in views when dealing with the character types attitudes to love inside the play. The playwright has used speeches of the characters infused with emotive terminology to portray these thoughts, feelings and views.

The primary speech Let me be concentrating on is the a single made by Sharon in Action 2 field 2, about her infidelity and what she feels to be essential about appreciate. This discussion between Sharon and Lewis shows the two their opinions on appreciate, and what it means to be in a relationship. “How to understand how capitalism uses the working course is important. How to stop the war in Vietnam is very important. How to make a bit of theatre meaningful; and intelligent¦. is important. After bread, a pet shelter, equality, overall health, procreation, money comes might be love.

Do you think the hungry masses provide a fuck about love. Love is an emotional luxury for the privileged couple of.  The emotive vocabulary that is used through this quote reveals Lucy’s frustration and anger with Lewis for not considering the same way your woman does. The girl doesn’t value love a lot more than other people’s joy and appears disappointed that Lewis will. She also thinks that love is only valued by individuals who exploit the significant class. The emotive dialect used just like starving public; this may be used to make all of us feel compassion for what your woman thinks is her trigger.

The use of the phrase fuck is to show exactly how angry Sharon is. Likewise the way your woman constantly uses the word significant shows that what she is discussing is something she feels strongly about. Lewis reply to her rant with one short, but meaningful quote. The way it is penned makes you think that it is oozing with sentiment. “Without like the world more than likely mean much By using the terms “the community wouldn’t mean much its shows he would think the world and your life would be much less meaningful if perhaps people didn’t fall in take pleasure in or trust in love.

This individual seems to assume that love may conquer every. Mental illness is another theme that John Nowra is exploring in Cosi, the way in which this individual does it creates thinking who are actually the mad types in this perform the sane or the ridiculous. I will be concentrating on Act you Scene 4 the conversation made by Holly about his father’s nobility in the Vietnam War. For somebody who is labeled mentally ridiculous he has extremely coherent views by what he believes is right and wrong.

The emotive terminology used in this speech as well as the increase in henrys stutter displays the amount of anger he feels towards the subject matter and the betrayal he seems to find out that nick and Lewis support the Vietnamese in a battle against their own country. [Banging couch on the floor] “Traitors! Traitors! Traitors!  This course of action of knocking the couch on the floor and the use of emotive language inside the quote produced is used to exhibit henrys anger but the use of the word traitors could also be utilized to stir precisely the same sense and feeling of anger in the visitor. My ffffather fought inside the war for yourself. For you and ffffor myself. He was a ggggreat person. You will be traitors The increase of henrys stutter is usually used to show the raging anger he feels about nick and Lewis helping the Thai. Also the emotive language “for both you and ffffor me could be used to make all of us feel like he could be speaking to all of us as well instead of this particular quote being directed only in the characters inside the play. “¦.. I do not really work with traitors.

Australia is at war against communists and you¦ you stab my father in the back This quote is used showing henrys frustration with chip and lewis for promoting the Japanese instead of their house, their nation. Also to demonstrate the unfaithfulness he feels on his father’s behalf for support for the Vietnamese. Holly is the precise opposite to nick. Even though nick is usually classified because sane his views on this subject seem to be quite crazy. Nick does not seem to be in a position to understand why holly feels harm that this individual and Lewis are supporting the Vietnamese.

Holly: “you ssssupport the cccommunists Nick: “yesHenry: “in Vietnam?  Chip: “sure Holly “you give money to North Vietnam?  Nick: “for medical supplies Henry: “to the opponents?  Computer chip: “yeh You may say this can be emotive language because even though the answers this individual gives holly are short and fast. They keep the conviction that what he is saying is correct. It is his belief that he needs to support the Vietnamese against Australia. “Not only draught beer nuts, but there proper wing nuts This quote give the feeling that chip feels that must be wrong that their psychologically insane however the fact that they may be “right wing nuts makes it a million instances worse.

Although nick is intended to have this sympathetic remaining wing idealism, he does not seem everything that sympathetic to henry fantastic views about the Thai war. Emotive language inside the play is used to mix emotions in the reader along with help explain the character types feelings towards a situation. The playwright applied emotive terminology to show the characters thoughts, feeling and landscapes. Not only about these subjects yet also the truth that this play also leaves us to question who also are actually the insane types.


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