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The Articles of Confederation were created in 1777 to get order and a strong authorities to the declares. The Content gave the government very little powers. However , some of the powers exceeded national plans. Others settled disputes between states. Because of the government having very little electrical power, the says were not unified. The Articles or blog posts had a large number of weaknesses. Congress could not duty or regulate trade, that have been solved by Constitution. Several weaknesses as well stayed.

One of the major disadvantages is that Our elected representatives could not taxes. Congress not being able to tax means that they have no money. Cash is needed to get anything to happen in the states as well as for people to live their lives the way they are supposed to be existed. The Congress’ economic viewpoint was not well put together. “The states did not have one uniform currency, inches (Document 1) so it made taxing possibly harder. Having one uniform currency enables anyone to obtain items that they may need in any state. If perhaps there isn’t a well-organized currency then simply each condition could have their own form of funds. Then, they might not be able to work with their money in any other condition. If Congress has no funds they would be unable to keep the govt up and make general necessities feasible. They would need money intended for an army, to trade, keep up businesses, and many other important demands. If these kinds of necessities weren’t available the states didn’t have protection and solutions. If another war develops, the claims would need cash to build an army. The military would give them protection and hopefully lead them to victory. At the conclusion of the battle, more money can be needed to restore everything that was destroyed throughout the bloodshed. As well, resources could be used to repair after the conflict. At the end in the The Constitution fixed this challenge and allowed Congress to put tax within the states.

Another weak spot is that Congress could not control trade. Being unable to regulate operate would cause even more economic problems. The states got more power and can trade with anyone that they wanted, actually enemies. This might have resulted in an un-unified country. For instance , New Jersey could trade with one nation and become allies, while New york city is trading with another. This can cause key conflict through the states. The states can buy whatever they satisfied and the authorities had zero say. The Constitution set the problem simply by allowing Congress to have electricity over trade (Document 5). This way, the states could not get out of control. The country would be unified and trading can be regulated.

Even though the Content articles were taken over by the Cosmetic, not everything was solved after they were ratified. When the Constitution was ratified the Bill of Rights are not in this. Without the Invoice of Legal rights, the declares did not include much freedom. “I will now tell you what I do not like. First, the omission of a bill of rights, offering clearly¦ intended for freedom of religion, freedom of the press, protection against standing armies, and trials by jury¦” (Document 8). Thomas Jefferson is expressing his emotions and implies that he wishes a Bill of Rights to have the states rights that they will need. George Builder, an American Patriot, statesman and delegate coming from Virginia, realized the says right were not at a good level. He proposed the Bill of Rights to maintain the order of all of the states in order that they would be well-balanced. The government experienced that the Bill of Legal rights were required. So , they will passed them to put into the Constitution. The Constitution continue to had many of the weaknesses which the Articles experienced when it was ratified. However , the Bill of Rights continue to was added into it. This helped make the Articles better and more steady. “Their liberty will be dropped and tyranny must and may rise¦” (Document 7). This can be saying that if the Constitution would not work, than a tyranny could begin.

The Articles of Confederation were not incredibly durable pertaining to the government as well as the states. Although Constitution do fix a lot of the problems that the Articles got, there were continue to some that needed mending. For example , Congress was not capable to tax or perhaps regulate operate. The problems prior to the Bill of Rights had been created slept while the Constitution was ratified. The Articles or blog posts of Confederation did not function, so the Metabolic rate took it is place. This ended up working better, and so the states kept it. The Constitution remains used today and is even now working effectively.

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