Mapleland Fiber Network (MFN) Essay

The town of Mapleland, Oregon, which in turn owns and operates its own power power, built a fiber-optic network to keep an eye on power metres at residents’ homes. The network is called Mapleland Fiber Network (MFN). Because MFN had more capacity than was necessary to monitor metres, the city expanded its companies to offer access to the network for citybusinesses.

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The businesses utilize network to communicate with each other and access the world wide web. At the MFN headend, which is located while using city government offices, 3 routers and WAN links connect to the world wide web for use by the city. The businesses on MFN also use these routers to get to the Internet. Besides the business support, MFN offers cable device service to homes. A cable television modem router at the MFN headend links to the fiber-optic network.

In the city areas, hybrid fiber-coax nodes provide coax wiring to each avenue and in the homes intended for cable device Internet access. The MFN central source consists of a fiber-optic Gigabit Ethernet network that runs throughout the city within a ring topology. The fiber-optic ring attaches the hybrid fiber-coax nodes that deliver coax wiring to each community.

Also coupled to the ring will be six data routers. Each router backlinks one or more Mapleland businesses to MFN by way of simple point-to-point connections. At the business, the fiber-optic network enters home and attaches to a media converter. A UTP cable television connects towards the media convsersion app and typically to a 100-Mbps Ethernet change. The move links the business’s personal computers and computers in a legend opology by means of UTP cabling.

1 . Attract a network map that shows the topology with the MFN and just how the main elements are linked. 2 . What other information might you gather to enhance your map and add greater detail? 3. Mapleland is taking into consideration expanding the MFN to add wireless access for its homes.

What added investigation would you like to do to organize for a citywide wireless network? 4. What security concerns do you have pertaining to the wireless network?

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