Margaret atwood s poem the home decorator

Use of expanded metaphors, and symbols to represent internal feelings and declares of being will be techniques Maggie Atwood utilizes in her poem “The Interior Designer. ” The poet tries to describe a great intrinsic fight to hide and veil unpleasant emotions throughout the art of interior design. It describes aspects of individuality used to cover these feelings and the total failure than it do so.

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The moment one examines the title “The Interior Decorator” one may think of a career that involves garnishing their home in vogue to make for any more pleasant atmosphere or an atmosphere that may be conducive for the personality of the person living within that home.

However , upon closer examination, one may realize another meaning. “Interior decorator” can be described as term which can be more representational and details an “art”of personality. The first stanza holds hints. “.. yet under/These ornate surfaces, the hard/Naked wooden is still there. ” Two signs are launched here. The ornate surfaces describe an enjoyable and content countenance while under this image a hardened spirit lies below.

Stanza four reaffirms this position.

Stanza two develops the poet’s ability to shelter her discomfort. “I are industrious and clever” Here she declares plainly that she is talented at concealing her true feelings. Your woman paints “Landscapes on doors and displays. ” In this article symbolism is usually developed even more as door panels may stand for doors with her heart or perhaps other facets of her getting. In seite an seite, the screens she chemicals provide false impression to the approach she feels. By painting the “the entry doors and screens” she desires others will follow the false impression instead of taking a look at what she really experiences.

The introduction of the lemon shrub in stanza three gives one indications about her pain. Below the image of discomfort is the nasty lemon rind. She declares, “It can be prudent to thus inhibit one’s eden/Indoors. ” Right here she suggests that it is vital to sustain a sense of order within just so that feelings don’t get the best of oneself. This is supported by the line, “And everything continues to be in it’s own place. ” “I never consume my nasty lemons” can be her method of saying that she doesn’t method her thoughts, therefore she successfully limits them and maintains a perception of control.

But she’s not effective. The devil launched in stanza four signifies the part of the poet person that are unable to avoid the pain-it sucks the unavoidable bitter lemon rinds. She says that your woman cannot make Him match her flowery personality whatever she shows (roses) to offset it. In other words, the girl states that she is defeated in covering her discomfort despite her charming persona and exhibits of frivolity. Pain will certainly exist right up until she experiences the process of tremendous grief and acknowledges the “Devil” within. One could conclude that the interior designer will have to stage aside to ensure that a sense of tranquility to return.

“The Interior Decorator” by Margaret Atwood can be described as powerful composition that uses distinct emblems to express her feelings and frustrations about life’s discomfort. It could be revealed the loss of a family member or good friend, a letdown with way life has turned out, or any tragic incident. Your woman expresses her frustrations efficiently about the pressure to protect one’s emotions and appear fine instead of processing them through grieving or maybe a period of internal silence and honesty. The poet suggests that no matter how long one keeps the thoughts at bay they may prevail and one will have to address all of them. She is imparting a gift for the readership in a similar circumstance; set the interior decorator apart and be authentic, thereby enabling oneself to address the soreness and move beyond that.

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