Marketing Research- Starbucks vs. Coffee Beans Essay

Marketplace segmentation is defined as the process of dividing a market in distinct subsets of consumers with common requirements or features and selecting one or more sectors to target which has a distinct advertising mix (Schiffman, Bednall, Cowley, O’Cass, Watson and Kanuk, 2001). Diverse companies will vary abilities that enable these to serve all their target market better, which is why some companies decide to focus much of their attention to specific portions. Starbucks generally chooses to pay attention to the demographics, psychographics and lifestyle of their customers. It can be with the details gathered concerning these sections that Starbucks can better serve its customers.

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Demographics are activities such as age, sexual, marital status, education, profession and salary. Starbucks focuses on both males and females, generally 18-30 year olds, nevertheless really does cater for everybody’s demands. And because young kids don’t usually drink coffee, Starbucks provides a range of non-coffee refreshments to cater for the whole family. Chilling out in Starbucks gives the impression of being incredibly with this and most with the people you see sitting in the businesses exude a specific coolness and give off the image of having some kind of interpersonal status, with a lot of money to spare.

Starbucks customers are mostly in their last years of high school graduation, in college or university or just needs to work. Yet whatever it can be, they all have experienced a good education, and if they do have work, it almost absolutely includes a big income too. Demographics aid to locate a target market and this information is often one of the most accessible and cost effective approach to identify a marketplace (Schiffman et al, 2001). Even though elements such as character and conduct are often initially used to establish a market segment, the consumer’s demographic features must be known in order to measure the size of the prospective market and also to reach that efficiently (Schiffman et ‘s, 2001).

Psychographics are based on the consumer’s actions, interests and opinions, so it’s essentially how they dedicate their period, what all their preferences and priorities are and how they feel about incidents and concerns. Psychographic studies closely linked to psychological study, and especially with regards to personality and attitude dimension. This form of applied customer research has proved to be a valuable marketing tool that helps identify consumer segments that are probably responsive to particular marketing emails (Schiffman ainsi que al, 2001).

Starbucks is very heavily involved in charity as well as the arts, and is also making significant efforts to become a socially and environmentally responsible company. For example , Starbucks actively participates in AIDS benefits, and for every city that includes a store, Starbucks sets up in least a single shelter for the underprivileged children and donates cash as well. Simply by participating in different different great causes and events, Starbucks gains a whole lot of great exposure.

Starbucks has paid the Special Olympics, the hip Lilith Fair music festival, the Chicago Jazz music Festival, the International Film Festival in Washington DC and the Museum of Contemporary Fine art in LA. Just by taking a look at these examples, we can see that Starbucks aims to target and reach people who are generous and charitable, and people who like to have fun and revel in the innovative and entertaining side of life. Starbucks also has a solid commitment for the environment plus the company’s policy to recycle and spend less wherever possible can be exemplified by the 10% lower price it provides to customers whom reduce spend by using their particular mugs or perhaps refillable espresso bags.

Starbucks offers these types of discounts to help stimulate environmental responsibility between its customers. As Starbucks grows and reaches fresh markets, the company has made a commitment to stay to be a strong supporter of nonprofit organisations and situations in all areas. Consumer studies have found facts that inside each of the interpersonal classes we have a constellation of specific way of life factors (shared beliefs, behaviour, activities and behaviours) that tend to identify the associates of each category from the associates of each course from the members of all additional social classes (Schiffman ainsi que al, 2001).

Starbucks provides a lifestyle, to both consumers and personnel, and offers followed the successful examples of other big corporations just like Coke, Nike and Fiat by backlinks its company with all things “cool” and “in”. Starbucks has created a mode and ambience that has mixed a certain new chic and charm into coffee, an older beverage, which makes it the hippest drink these days. Starbucks chooses to affiliate itself using things busy, active and vigourous. For this reason , locations of all the stores will be carefully selected for convenience and Starbucks specifically focuses on places which can be heavy with pedestrian road traffic.

Some of the places that you just would look for a Starbucks, both in the form of a large store or possibly a just a little kiosk (both ideal for merely popping in for a quick remove coffee or perhaps for a wonderful light lunch break) would be by shopping companies, airport terminals and supermarket foyers, which can be all locations that are usually hectic and filled for the brim with people who have busy lifestyles and therefore are always away from home. Starbucks competes directly against specialty espressos sold at selling through supermarkets, specialty is yours, and a growing number of other specialty coffee retailers. In addition , Starbucks competes intended for whole veggie coffee revenue with franchise operators and independent specialty coffee shops.

In virtually every major city area were Starbucks runs and expects to expand you will find local or perhaps regional competitors with substantive market existence in the specialty coffee business. But Starbucks’ biggest competition in the caffeine industry is the Coffee Bean. Coffee Bean was began by Herbert B. Hyman in 1963 in Washington dc and became the pioneers in retailing whole bean caffeine and loose tea leaves.

Coffee Bean are the most well-known importers, charcoal grill and multiple retailers of specialty caffeine and tea in the United States. Like Starbucks, Coffee Bean offers a diverse range of initial coffee, snow blends and roast models as well as several varieties of daily brews which includes flavoured pre-ground coffee. One other similarity with Starbucks is that Coffee Bean also has a large giving of foodstuff and beverages that appeal to all age groups from almost all walks of life.

Regarding needs, determination and persona, Coffee Bean is focused on building significant and sincere relationships with customers by simply finding or perhaps concocting a flavour on their behalf. Coffee Bean will likely toast the bagels, heat your pastries and personalise and custom make the drink or mix just the method you would like it. With notion, Coffee Bean is known as a big who trust in team-work (just like Starbucks) because they feel that success is attained by working together. Fastened staff happen to be friendly, and maintain amicable relationships between customers and each other. The employees include respect for every single other’s beliefs, opinions and individual people and are honest and truthful to themselves and each various other.

Another likeness with Starbucks is that Beans is positively involved with aiding communities and make it their objective to develop the most complete community based programs around. Along with donating gift idea baskets, gift certificates, coupons, coffees and teas, Coffee Bean will happily consider a charite to any organisation for various charitable incidents that directly benefit local community programs and native schools. Due to the phenomenal regarding the foreign coffee marketplace, Coffee Bean features decided to exclusively concentrate on worldwide franchises at this time.

Unlike Starbucks, who have a target mass market being the United States, the majority of the Coffee Bean stores are in Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan etc . ) and the Middle East (Israel, Combined Arab Emirates, Dubai and so forth ) In contrast to Coffee Bean, Starbucks does not customise their coffees or have diverse products to accommodate different countries’ tastes. Beans offers more food foods (pastas, soups, ) and not just light dishes (sandwiches, pastries, desserts) like Starbucks. Starbucks allows different distributors to offer its espresso, but Coffee Bean does not and Starbucks can be affiliated with things such as the Herald Sun Newspapers and Hear Music. As well as the main edge that Starbucks has above Coffee Bean is usually it’s effective use of superstar appeal, a form of research group

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