Medical cannabis evidence based practice research

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The Effectiveness of Medical Marijuana Use in Palliative Proper care

Clinical Question

Because marijuana has been legalized for medical use in 20 or so states, the use has received much media attention and scrutiny. Healthcare professionals need to be conscious of their jobs, rights, and responsibilities relating to working with people who have been prescribed medical pot. Likewise, nurse practitioners need to be conscious of the specific situations in which medical marijuana may be indicated as a treatment input. The focus on this research is within the efficacy of medical weed in a certain patient inhabitants: persons in palliative care. Approximately 1 . 5 mil patients annually in the United States will be in hospice or palliative care. When it is possible that medical marijuana may help patients in palliative proper care, nurses should be aware of this kind of fact.

The precise clinical question for this subject would be as follows: Among the hospice or palliative care patients (P), precisely what is the effect of medical weed (I) about pain relief, panic reduction, and sleep aid (O) in contrast to a control group (C) over a six-month period (T)? The PICOT question as it is phrased reveals the focus on therapeutic involvement:

Population: Palliative care patients

Intervention: Medical marijuana

Control: Palliative treatment patients not really taking medical marijuana

Outcome: Pain relief, panic reduction, sleeping aid.

Time: Duration of be in hospice.

This paper can describe existing literature within the use of medical marijuana in the patient populace.

Levels of Proof

The newness of medical cannabis means that handful of experimental study designs in palliative treatment settings exist. However , evidence used to look into the PICOT question derives from a variety of nursing sources. Much existing research also comes in the form of literature reviews. Many describe the history of cannabis make use of, the nature of cannabis as a medical intervention, just how it works, and targeted treatment interventions which were indicated in experimental exploration designs. Ultimately, the research will emphasis experimental designs. Qualitative research, especially related to registered nurse, patient, and caregiver behaviour, would become relevant. Medical research upon specific affluence may also be helpful, even if this sort of research would not directly effects nursing care. Research on patient attitudes, if readily available, could illuminate some issues related to thorough family nursing care. Furthermore, position transactions like those issued by Oregon Healthcare professionals Association (n. d. ) or regarding the The hospice and Palliative Nursing Affiliation (HPNA, 2014) can be successful in lighting up the situations of medication marijuana employ and health professional roles and responsibilities. Breastfeeding literature upon medical

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