Mgt/311 Motivation Strategy Plan Essay

I have come up with motivational strategies that we felt was appropriate for all individuals based on their collection from their self-assessments and their characteristics. In order to do this kind of I had to gauge each of the individual’s characteristics and find out what perfect their interests.

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Mike is able to make reasonable decisions nevertheless could at times make allergy decisions that could have an adverse affect the approach he makes decisions concerning his job. He is lacking in self-motivation in terms of his employment. Mike is usually mildly mental although it he might become stressed under pressure. This individual has a fairly positive mental outlook with regards to his task.

Mia is likely be able to important decisions regarding her lifestyle and work which is a positive feature for her job. In addition, she tends to be self-motivated but could become bored with her job from time to time. Mia emotions could impact job related issues because she appears to be highly psychological. She is in a position to work beneath little to no direction Positive mental outlook about her job but this could fluctuate based on stress level which means she would be open and receptive to helping others.

Ray includes a good since of path when it comes to producing decisions this individual too can work well below little to no oversight. He is usually self-motivated yet may need a boost here and there as a result of lack of fascination. Like Robert Ray tend to have mild psychological reactions to job responsibilities and job related stress but appears to be able to control his feelings.

Great confident emotional prospect toward his job and tend to become very helpful in front of large audiences. This would as well help them to complete things away side with their job and expand all their knowledge. Last but not least I chose bonus deals I feel as though the company does well it would be because of the staff and the bonuses would likewise give the persons something to look forward to that help them to want to keep up their performance since if their functionality goes down the production of the firm goes down therefore will the additional bonuses (Robbins and Judge, 2011).

The two mindset theories which might be connected to my motivational approaches are two, factor theory and expectancy theory. In respect to Robbins and Judge (2011) expectations theory can be described as theory that believes that employees will be motivated to a high level of effort if they feel as if it will lead to an improved performance evaluation. The two mindset theories think that a person is standard and their attitude towards all their work could determine their success or failure (Robbins and Judge, 2011). With my approach I not merely want the individuals to possess a good frame of mind towards their very own job but for also think appreciated for doing their particular work.

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