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Captain Pajota’s Course Of Action Objective Statement And Sketch

Mission Statement

Chief Pajota should assist the Allied removal of POWs from Pangatian Camp by blocking away a mile section road towards the prison to allow the Allies access to assault the camp without interference from more Dokuho 359 forces being released in from General Tomoyuki Yamashita’s order of Commander Oyabu’s Dokuho 359 towards Cabanatuan City.

Commander’s Intent

The purpose of the procedure is to assist Allies inside the removal of POWs and to demonstrate clear weak points in the cardiovascular of Japanese people territory in the Phillipines. The much larger Dokuho 359, helped with 6 tanks, can be described as large force. Holding this off to be able to allow the extraction of POWs will show weaknesses in the Japanese people defense and increase Allied resolve in the region.

Decisive Procedure (DO)

Stop the Japanese Real Army’s Dokuho 359, which includes 800 guys and six tanks, at two essential locations encircling Cabanatuan Town and thus stopping them by interfering together with the Allied removal of POWs out of the Pangatian Camp. 1st, the Guerilla’s must prevent them via crossing in the timber bridge at Cabu. Another force lead simply by Captain Joson will prevent the position for the West four miles to Canabatuan City. sealing away a mile part of road to let the Rangers to enter in the camp, assault it, and safely take away prisoners. Thus, the larger cannon force with the Guerilla push will concentrate on blocking the bridge across the Cabu River to prevent reservoir crossings, with two of the bigger light soldires company’s stopping potential ft . crossings on the north and south in the bridge. 1 smaller infantry unit will seal off the road behind the prison, where there is certainly not the danger of the much larger Japanese power with storage containers.

Shaping Businesses (SO)

Platoon 201 and 201 A will flank the Cabu River Bridge to the North and Southern of the street into the penitentiary. Platoon 203 will experienced slightly north of the highway to meet the A/359 Firm that may attempt to forge the river by foot, while Platoon 204 is going to conduct the same maneuver, although south from the road in preparation intended for the believed foot bridging of the riv by the C/359 Company. Platoon 211 will hold just Platoons 201 and 201A for extra support. Small infantry device 210 will certainly seal off of the opposite aspect of the jail, on the southern region side

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