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Individualized Studies: Military Studies and Business Administration. I was pursuing a Bachelors of Science Degree with a focus on Individual Studies. I chose this degree because it allows college students to combine specialist studies with liberal disciplines and science into a natural course of study, also because I can create a course of study which relates quite closely to my field, and my personal career desired goals for the future. This program of research combines the technical aspects of logistics with business management, and depends on the experiences I use already received working for the Department of Defense (DOD) in strategies.

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What do Military Studies and Business Management involve?

Undoubtedly, this course of study requires critical pondering, leadership, administration techniques, and organizational patterns, which are almost all classes leading up to my level. I have already completed Crucial Thinking, Summary of Business, Company Behavior, National Security Affairs, Leadership Administration, Management Technology, Information Administration, Personnel Oversight, and Supply Supervision, and each of such classes has given me personally useful and valid expertise I can employ every day at work.

My work entails in depth logistical preparing, and much of what I do is highly grouped. National Security Affairs and Critical Thinking both offered me tools to manage my logistical planning better, while coping with the everyday problem of keeping what I perform effectively top secret and protect. These are very important considerations not simply for my area, but also for the Department in general, and learning new ways of controlling my time effectively hasn’t only helped me in my profession, it has helped me manage my personal time between classes, study, and work. While I cannot get into great details about my career needs, and how these kinds of classes possess enhanced them, I can declare my job goals are usually more defined as the result of my research so far, and my career has absolutely become more concentrated, more effective, and more successful as a result of the classes I have finished so far.

Since my goal is to move into a managing position, the classes on management had been especially interesting and helpful to me. Plus able to force them into good use in the level as I deal with my personal co-workers and colleagues, as well as, I have been in a position to see my managers effectively use some of the tools I have just lately learned. I will see that the management tactics from these classes affect all degrees of my job, and as My spouse and i move up coming from my current position, I am able to make use of nearly all of these people on a day-to-day basis. For example , the next step up from my current location includes the management of positions just like mine, and I do not currently manage any other employees. I have found the supervision techniques in Management Management and Management Technology to be especially enlightening and applicable to my condition because We am certainly not currently associated with management. They may have made me more aware of can certainly make money deal with

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