Minimum wage essay Essay

Minimum salary has been a extremely controversial matter. Nowadays persons just can’t survive on minimum wage.

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Prices will be rising and yet the shell out is still the same. How do they will expect us to survive in eight dollars and twenty five cents? Lowest wage staff in Chicago land places had became a member of others around the world for a one-day strike, which was held August 29, 2013 outside the ROCK N SPIN McDonalds inside the River North neighborhood, challenging their income to be at least $15.

00 an hour or so. There was a worker there named Tyree Johnson who have said this individual has been working about McDonalds to get a total of 21 years and still getting a total of eight us dollars and twenty five cents an hour or so. He states “Every time I would ask for a raise they would just show me you shouldn’t have joined up with that union, were not providing you any raise”.

The workers who had gathered up there said that they were tired on choosing between paying of the rent or paying the household goods. Another lowest wage member of staff named Dejun Jackson says it takes him three careers to raise a household. He gets up in 4: 30am to start his shift in 5: 45am.

He ends his initially job about 1 O’clock and has to have his second job around 1: 15. He does not end his second shift until 9 or being unfaithful: 30pm. He states this individual has no a chance to see his kids other than the weekends for the same purpose that this individual has two jobs.

Between his two jobs this individual works an overall total of 70 hours weekly. Within a 12 months he makes an average of 50 dollars, 000. Dejun Jackson is usually in school wishing one day he’d be able to job just one shift and hang out with his relatives. But by simply having just one single job he wouldn’t manage to make this through since one job helps him pay the supplements and the other the cost of his school. The authors’ debate is very reasonable since it claims why persons can’t survive on bare minimum wage.

This will make people have two jobs only too support a family. Persons wouldn’t have the ability to make through just by having one task, since the cost of living has gone up drastically.

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