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“Mama Might Be Best Dead: the Failure of Health Care in Urban America” by Laurie Kaye Abraham, follows a families challenges over the course of 36 months in a poor Chicago community. Abraham highlights specifically how a health care program in the United States has failed the different members of the low income stricken Lancement family. The main character, Jackie has the responsibility of taking care of her unwell and elderly grandmother. Wendy also cares about her 3 young children with little support from her husband, Robert who as well suffers from numerous illnesses.

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When, there are some authorities programs create to help family members like the Banes’, the health attention system is absolutely lacking.

Cora Jackson is an Dark-colored woman in her overdue sixties when the book starts. She is suffering from many serious conditions including high blood pressure and diabetes. Cora had a calf amputated due to complications coming from her diabetes. Diabetics often times have poor blood flow in their vulnerable parts which prevents wounds from healing correctly.

Besides being bed-ridden and tyre chair certain, Mrs. Knutson suffers from bed sores and incontinence. She also sufferers coming from severe major depression over losing her calf which is prevalent among many with physical disabilities. Despite, her illness Cora Jackson remains the matriarch of the family.

Mrs. Jackson elevated Jackie like a young woman and prior to becoming ill, had a impressive relationship with her great-granddaughter Latrice. As time goes on, Mrs. Jackson becomes even more ill and Latrice starts to pull away from her great-grandmother. This appears understandable since it must be very hard for children to understand and manage the terminally ill. Wendy however , remains warm and caring toward her grandma. She conveys her frustrations, but few of them are geared towards her grandmother. Most of them will be aimed at the doctors and particular gov departments set up to take care of and help her grandmother.

Obtaining health care companies is not an easy activity for Cora Jackson. Jackie, the primary caregiver for Mrs. Jackson, encounters struggles on the day to day basis. For example , Mrs. Jackson is experiencing incontinence making her an applicant for adult diapers. Nevertheless , Medicare recognizes adult pampers as mare like a convenience item and do not observe them as medically necessary.  Medicare also covers a big portion of overall health visits and treatments nevertheless they fail to understand the transportation demands of deprived patients. Therefore, Mrs. Jackson is forced to miss many slated appointments. She misses out on many treatments that are recommended by her doctors. As a result, Cora is forced to have her remaining lower-leg removed due to an infection which could have been caught sooner. Wendy resorts to calling an ambulance to transport her grandmother to the hospital. This ends in in some complications because the mat takes her to the best hospital which is does not have the ability to of her medical records.

I i am puzzled by many people of these guidelines and procedures. First off, I actually do not appreciate how adult diapers are not considered medically important. Diapers happen to be seemed necessary for infants. So why aren’t they will necessary for adults who suffer from incontinence? Also, adult diapers assist in preventing bed sores which many elderly, bed-ridden patients suffer from. This can stop future hospitalizations and types of procedures caused by disease. I also have a problem with Medicaid’s spend straight down policy. Monthly, Mrs. Jackson is required to spend a certain amount upon medical requirements in order to become eligible for Medicaid. By the time, she satisfies the requirement, she has to do it all over again. Also, there are some services the Banes are certainly not aware they are really entitled to. For example , Medicare covers home overall health aides for the people sick enough to require visits by a house nurse. Cassie turns straight down this assistance because she is mistaken and believes you will be charged her one hundred ten dollars per month. No one ever before tells her this service is cost-free.

There are many changes in the health care delivery system that could have better the experiences of Mrs. Knutson. First of all, keeping track of a monthly dedicate down of an elderly, disabled patient is usually ridiculous. In Mrs. Jackson’s case, your woman needed Medical planning to cover her transportation demands. Its close to impossible to schedule appointments and procedures for anyone who is not sure how you are going to get there. Other your patients will use Medicaid for numerous causes. A better option for Medicaid will be to take an average of a few months expenses and use that to determine membership for longer than the usual month at any given time. It is common for patients to pay the same amount in medication every month. They also make an effort to visit doctors on a regular basis.

Knowing they are included in Medicaid longer than a month, would be a huge relief. The patients can keep their sessions without worrying about transportation costs. Also, medication could be accepted as directed instead of trying to generate it keep going longer in fear of losing insurance coverage the next month. Another region which requires addressing with the area of clinically necessary products. Who can determine if mature diapers is essential or a comfort? For an elderly one who does not wish to walk to the rinse room following going to the bathroom, I can see how diapers would be convenient. But you may be wondering what about the person with no hip and legs and not adequate enough help to lift them off the bed? I would absolutely say mature diapers is definitely medically necessary for this person.

Like a social worker in healthcare, I would certainly try to be of assistance to Mrs. Jackson. Firstly, I would motivate Jackie to fully make use of the services set up to help her and her family. Then I would make sure she was aware of every they were entitled to. It is very prevalent for the indegent not to figure out government policies, particularly Medicare and Medical planning. I feel there ought to be more services to explain that help people figure out certain procedures. Regular visits from a home wellness aide could have helped both equally Jackie and Mrs. Jackson immensely. I would talk to her about the strain of attending to three kids, a unwell husband and an elderly, disabled granny. Paying attention to Jackie’s needs, because she is the main caregiver, may give her a far more clear mind to make decisions on her behalf grandmother.

I might also discuss with Jackie every one of her alternatives. Jackie would have put her grandmother into a nursing residence but neglected to do so until the very end of her illness. I would personally weigh out the benefits and disadvantages of Mrs. Knutson living in a home. Jackie was scared that by simply putting her grandmother into a home, she’d feel unloved and neglected. I would explain to Jackie, the care she’d receive will be twenty-four hours a day. This will mean, you can forget missed doctors appointments, forget about missed medication and all of her medical information would be in one place. I believe their can be an increase in her quality of life. Cassie states “Mama, might be best Dead”. Really want to try putting mama in a nursing residence first?

To summarize, “Mama Might Be Better off Useless: the Failing of Medical care in City America” really shows many areas of individual suffering. Within a country based upon freedom and equality for all, the area of health care wasn’t able to be farther from equal in America. Every day we come across talks of health care reform in the news. Political applicants form programs in their promotions. However , this guide puts a true face on the failure of health care in the usa. I hope even more people identify how desperately change should be used and they tend to become positively involved in the change of the system.

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