Nathaniel hawthorne s novel the scarlet term paper

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The child is usually closely associated with the original trouble and the image of it. The scarlet notification was, in fact , one of the first items which caught her eye. “One day, since her mother stooped within the cradle, the infant’s sight had been found by the glimmering of the gold embroidery about the notification; and, putting up her little hand, she grasped for it, grinning, not doubtfully, but with a decided glow that offered her face the look of a far older child” (95). This sort of duality of sin as well as its symbols foreshadows Hester’s final empowerment due to her consequence and ostracism by the Puritan community. Her life with Pearl should indeed be lonely and filled with the challenges of single parenthood, but Hester transcends her misery by using her personal mix of pleasure, humility, and dignity.

As seven years pass and Pearl becomes a little girl instead of a clutching baby, the day to day life of Hester alters, too. Although Hester, “with the scarlet letter on her breasts glittering in the fantastic standalone, had always been a familiar subject to the townspeople” (156), the sting of her bad thing had been assuaged by the fact that “she hardly ever battled with all the public, but submitted, uncomplainingly, to the worst use; she built no claim upon it in requital for what the lady suffered; your woman did not ponder upon its sympathies” (156). The fact that she was not an annoyance to the Puritan community over the years had to some degree endeared her to these people. She was also speedy to help others in the time of material require or anxious illness. Her hands manufactured clothing to get the indigent and maintained to her fellow man in the sick space where “there glimmered the embroidered notification, with comfort in its other worldly ray. In other places the symbol of trouble, it was the taper in the sick-chamber” (157). The very phrase for which the ‘A’ got originally was standing, adultery, acquired even improved with the passage of time. Mainly because Hester Prynne was and so helpful, “many people rejected to translate the scarlet a simply by its initial signification. Someone said that it meant Able, thus strong was Hester Prynne, with a women’s strength”(157).

While the Reverend Dimmesdale endured a bizarre self-torture because of his hidden sin, Hester Prynne was freed physically and emotionally by the outward appearance from the scarlet notification upon her breast. The symbol that ostracized her from the community also offered her the skills and capacity to survive beyond it. Hawthorne’s use of emblematic that utilizes duality and shows evolution suggests that trouble and its consequences is a living thing that must be recognized, nevertheless can be transcended.

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