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Whatsapp is among the most utilized applications in our daily life, WhatsApp has introduced news to the application that is coming soon.

Hello friends

Pravin right here with Upcoming WhatsApp features that are seriously going to worth. let us find..

  • Unsend or Modify Sent emails
  • This is one of the cool features that WhatsApp is going to add. You can unsend or modify your directed messages within a time span of 5 minutes or even more. This feature is already added by patchers in hacked version.

  • Instagram Tales on WhatsApp
  • Instagram Reports sharing will be extended on WhatsApp as well. This means users will soon be able to post Instagram Stories straight as WhatsApp Stories, WhatsApp uses consumer mobile amount while an Instagram consideration can be created with an email or Facebook ID.

  • UPI Based Transaction
  • We are right now living in Digital India. So it will be also a cool feature for all of us to make cashless transactions. This kind of upcoming Feature of WhatsApp will allow you to give money to the of your connections very simply like paytm or any other UPI apps in the market. Whatsapp repayment section of Android os is still beneath development in beta type. But WhatsApp got the federal government permission to work with this UPI based purchase on their software.

  • Youtube-video integration
  • It is one of the major revisions in WhatsApp. With this kind of feature, we are able to play vimeo videos with out leaving WhatsApp. If any individual will reveal a youtube link then that will show in a picture or mass media format within your WhatsApp and you could directly enjoy that online video there. You don’t need to open youtube app. This kind of feature helps you to save more ram memory and CPU on your gadget.

  • Live Location Posting
  • We currently have the option to share location. Nevertheless WhatsApp is likely to give it a fresh look with Live Area Sharing. You are able to share your present location together with your friends and relatives. The testing of this feature is already required for windows mobile.

  • Change From Voice call to Video Call up
  • The moving over from the words call to video call feature is likewise gonna put soon is WhatsApp. With this feature, the user won’t need to minimize their voice call to perform a video phone. The user can easily direct go for video call up. But it will continue to work when both users have latest WhatsApp installed on their very own phone.

  • Facebook-like Stickers on WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp just lately made a media content addition, the GIF button, which was already on iOS, and later arrived on Android. WhatsApp is going to add Facebook-like peel off stickers on messenger. This feature was previously present on WhatsApp for iOS and has now been included with its beta version about Android.

  • Group telephone calls
  • WhatsApp is also going to extend tone and online video calls to group discussions. Voice and video cell phone calls are currently readily available for one-on-one interactions only. There was clearly a mention of group cell phone calls in one of the WhatsApp beta improvements for Android.

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